i Need a Tielfing Name for a Game of DD


It all depends on who you were named by. If you were named by your Fiendish parent, it could be hard. If you were named by your human parent, it’s much easier.

If I recall, your character was going to have amnesia; and in this case you only need to make up a use-name for now. Something he would call himself, probably human or material demihuman.

Your Tiefling’s father hailed from the Nine Hells of Baator, right? You should pick something with that kind of feel to it. Classical, sort of <i>Dante’s Inferno</i> type stuff.

I mean, look at the names of the layers. Dys, Maleboge… Look at the words, the letters in them, and how they relate.

Kraken thank you

You can look here for angelic/demonic names, if you still need it.