Name that beard

Name that beaaaaaaaaard… name that beaaaaaaaaaaaard… can you name that beard?

8 points. Phil Collin’s beard frightens me. o.o

I didn’t know Phil Collins ever HAD a beard. o_O

8 points. I am the beard master :smiley:

Hmm I got them all right, that’s probably a bit worrying. Love the music, though.

I got 9/10 points.

<!-- WHO AM I?! -->

I got 2/10, then tried again and got them all right first time and got -5/10 somehow.

I got all of them right, but two were completely random guesses. Lucky me. :mwahaha:

I’m good!

-6! Haha!

I win!

odd game…

LMAO I got a -33 score :mwahaha:

That’s gay. WTF did you change your name motherfucker. Flippin’ idiot. YEAH! :too bad; ::dekar!:: :boring: :yipee:

Motherr fucking 70 second rule. GRRR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>