N-Gage 2?



With only 5,000 N-Gages sold, why the hell is Nokia even trying?

Because they cannot admit that they did a really stupid mistake. If they admit, then they’ll have to admit so much more stuff that they’ll lose their self-steem.

Now, really, they fixed two really big problems, which were the battery removal and the goofiness of the way you had to hold it to use it as a phone. If they can make the battery last longer, then it may even be respectable.

See, Nokia, being a phone company, doesn’t get the picture. We don’t need phones in our gaming systems and nobody buys a cell to play games on. We don’t need camcorders, cameras, Instant Messaging, E-mail or any of this bull shit they put in phones. Sure it’s a nice extra, but if you want portable computer stuff buy a laptop with a modem that can hook to your cell. If you want portable games buy a GBA/PSP (when it comes out) and when you want to record things and take pictures buy a digital camera. Nokia is a phone company, they have no clue what they’re doing in a Gaming world. The N-Gage was a failure, so they try again. They don’t realize that a game failure is easily repaired. Wheras a failed console is pretty much endgame. Nokia thinks that by fixing the flaws in an extremely weak console they can get into the mainstream and be ‘cooler’ then the GBA like they already claim the N-Gage is. By the time that new N-Gage is released the next Gameboy system and the PSP will be locking horns in an all or nothing Portable Console War and there won’t be room for a piece of shit Game-Cell.

I’d buy this one. It doesnt look like crap, and im in the market for a phone.

I’ll pass. The next GBA and/or the PSP will suffice, thank you. Nokia, grow some brains please. Thanks.

Here in Brazil, gaming through cell phones is all the rage (actually, anything that has electronic games and fits in a pocket/purse is the rage). And that’s old atari quality games, which is all nowadays cell phones support (except, of course, for N-Gage). Thus, if they get to sell it for a fair price, it’ll be a great success.

The N-Gage is the only handheld I can think of that had a Price-Drop within weeks of it’s release.

Such idiocy.

Nokia, I like your phones. Phones. Camera phones even! Hell, I even liked the phone you had with an FM radio in it. But N-Gage sucked (and the fact that you used that pun title makes it worse), and now that people know it sucked, why would anyone invest in an N-Gage 2? Fire your damn product manager.

In short - ::Sigh::

At least they’re persistent.
Too bad they’re also dumb.

N-Gage 2? Geez. IF I want a cell phone and a game machine, I’ll buy a GBA SP and a cell phone. It’s bound to be cheaper.

You know…it IS possible to redeem oneself… Sega made some kinda dopey systems for a while til they made the Dreamcast. The N64 was a really bogus system, but the Gamecube is very nifty. Nifty enough to buy for more than 25 bucks, heh :stuck_out_tongue: So, while yes, I think the N-Gage was retarded, and I probly won’t buy an N-Gage 2, I think I’ll be a bit more optimistic, and think “Well, if they’re planning it already, then they must have REALIZED the first N-Gage sucked. Maybe they’ll fix it.” But whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

The entire ad stragety that involved insulting the user probably didn’t help either.