Mythe Looks Like Michael Jackson!

Heh, I was looking at Unlimited SaGa art again cos I wanted to compare Yusuke Naora’s character designs to Tomomi Kobayashi’s (Kobayashi was image illustrator for Unlimited SaGa; Naora did character designs for this game), and when I was looking at Mythe’s design, I realized that his face looked almost exactly like Michael Jackson’s face. I, for one, was thoroughly amused by this.

Just thought I’d share that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to the image SG.

I’m not sure how far down Rpgamer will let you link, but if you can only go to the top page then just search for U.SaGa among the games section. Then click on it’s link. Then click the art link in the U.SaGa section. Finally search for HQ Mythe.


Sorry SG, I just don’t really see it.

Mythe has sort of a “I’m the top of the world and I can beat anyone” look. As if he is waiting for some challenger or something.


Lol I see it in the face. It reminded me of that statue that he had of himself.

Ok, that right there is kinda freaky.