My RPGC Fanfic Sign-up thread.

Okay, I’m a teensy weensy bit discouraged now. So fuck it. No fic here.

EDIT: Shit. It won’t let me delete or close the thread. Weiila, would you do the honors?

I see no reason to close the thread; it can still be discussed. If nobody cares about it, it will get pushed off the first two pages and become forgotten.

Now, I don’t think that it’s a bad idea to write RPGC fics, but I also think that you need to have been around for at least a year, so that you know the inside jokes and the personas :slight_smile:

Why don’t you just try writing a chapter or two. Then we can tell what we think, and how well you have done it/got our personas right.

Sorry to discourage you, but you DID jump into the idea a bit too soon. I mean, you couldn’t know wenough about us, our personas, and the milions of inside jokes that go on within the community. And that’s what makes an RPGC fic good.

Yeah, the thing is, what I was really planning to do is to just use RPGC people to write something that I could just use invented characters for, without the inside jokes or anything. So yeah, good point. I suppose it can still get wiped out, since using RPGC people for a generic story is crap. I might still write the story, just not using RPGC people.

Gallo: I agree with Weiila- your RPGC stories are just as good as mine or Faetan’s, they’re just DIFFERENT, and it wouldn’t be truly fair to match them against each other. Besides, as long we enjoy writing them, and people enjoy reading them, which one is better doesn’t matter.

Oh, and Val, wouldn’t you say MY Xmas Story last season was successful as well…? ~_^