My roommate is cool

And responsible.

Just thought y’all would want to know.

you’re obviously a liar

Doesn’t anyone here try to curb this kind of behavior?

I mean, we can’t have people running around being responsible, can we?

Mines have always been cool and responsible too. :open_mouth:

Is she hot?

I don’t have a roomate.

My roomate next year is going to be 'sycho, so if I post a thread about how much I hate him, he’ll probably see it

And then I’ll kick your ass.

You guys can dress up in your cosplay costumes to do that. And then take pictures, and we can all giggle.

edit: at whomever’s the loser, of course

Sounds like someone just wants more sexy pictures of us

Oh the drama that shall ensue.


I don’t have a roommate. During the middle of last semester, my roommate (funnily named Kirby) moved into another dorm because all his friends were there. Then Housing forgot to move anyone into his empty spot. So, since November, I’ve had a dorm room all to myself.

I think they just didn’t want to fuck with the 984.

That too. Don’t fuck with The 984.

Fucks The 984