My own opinion about the scene (for koitsu)

Or the response to the
“why the heck won’t somebody do something?” posted here.

If you read <a
see-ya LJ entry</a>, you’ll see I’m not the only one thinking there’s
NOTHING GOING ON AROUND HERE. If you jump into the cess pool known as
>IRC, you’ll see even more examples of NOTHING GOING >ON, yet tons and
tons of people just “hanging around” >in “romhacker” channels. They
don’t do anything, they
>just “hang around”.

I don’t want to get into the discussion, because i don’t feel it like
to be mine so let me fix a few points before i start flaming.
(Note : I post it here since it has to be actual, and since i lost the rpgd password i don’t have access to the board…and well yes i do it because i want more people to come here too xD)

A) Everybody here loves hacking (including you, and your post is the
proof of it)
B) Its an extremely time consuming job
C) Translators are as rare as no-silicon-tits girls
D) You don’t see a shit of money
E) Why should i care much if all i get is “some” (rather poor these days) fame?

You know, all the people here like hacking, most of them started it at
school, when they didnt even had a job, and thus had alot of free time
(on my side i think its a pretty useless hobby, but i like it so much
i just can’t stop), but time passes by, the world evolves, the
universe expands and you’ll wake up one day when the light wont go on
saying : “Oh shit i forgot to pay the last 10000 bills”.
The fact that there is so less going on is that mostly of the guys
(and i fear that’s all what’s left) that are currently working on some
projects do have an ordinary life, with (i hope) an extraordinary
wife, some children, and a good job, all in all :
Time is money, and you can’t do nothing about that, son. So please,
respect the (even if very small/poor) job of the ones left, and start
hax0ring yourself, if you feel there’s nothing going on and very much
left to do.
This is the scene, you can either live with it or left it, its up to
you, noone will ever complain about it.

On the other side - i think blogs would be some too unpersonal, at
that point a simply project page on sourceforge would do the job too.

Sincerely yours,

Haha… silly-tits. XD

I agree for the most part with you, though. A lot of people in “teh scene” are in college and beyond, and don’t really have the time to spend on such a time consuming hobby. The few people like myself that haven’t reached that point of commitment in our lives have some pretty slim pickings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the exceptionally good games have already received more than their fair share of attention and work (many about 4+ times over coughff6cough). Of course, that’s really only applicable to the Nintendo systems, where as the Sega Systems and most of the CD-based platforms seem to have been left untouched (which I would personally like to assist in changing…). But brash generalizations such as “everyone in the scene is dead and no more video games are being worked on outside of the PC world” are bullshit and completely uncalled for, imo. Sure, not many people are releasing patches every month (in fact, I don’t think are even people making regular updates anymore), but priorities change.

I’m gonna stop here cuz I feel a never ending rant about to come on. :stuck_out_tongue:

smurf smurf

Awwwww yeah, baby. :wink: