My Name is Kirokokori

Or Kiro if you want! Let us make a toast to the over used type of thread!:toast:



u r fukd

/me takes several steps back, on the basis that it’s probably not going to be a good idea to stand too close to Kirokokori when the retribution comes down …

Tapes Tenchi’s mouth shut :mwahaha:

I sense a storm coming…

… step away lest ye wish to be caught in the upcoming anger of the storm…

Cool it’s me! …Why am I a boy?

:hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha; :hahaha;

That was awsome.

it’s funny cause he’s standing in front of the R so it says anger instead of ranger.

:hint: :hint:
:hint: :hint:

Dude, you’re screwed. :fungah:

Cut the kid some slack. She’s only 10.

>_> I’m just saying…

But she can still read!

Guh when does it click in to people that these bandwagon threads don’t stay funny like after the second ha ha?

Someone failed to see that bandwagons are not funny in the slightest.