My Name Is First In Active Users

I never log off boards, because logging on is a waste of time. So I notice my name is always first in the Active Users list at the bottom

Why the heck do people log off?

Well, I pretty much tagged the board

Everyone’s name is first on their own computer, genius.

lol :hahaha;

Currently Active Users: 36 (14 members and 22 guests)

Sohee, bulletsponge, Cless Alvein, Dragons Revenge, Evil_Dave, Frameskip, GG Crono, Merlin, RoguePaladinTrian, Shimo, Star Lancer, vyse the legend

Yep, first.


me first!!

in my eyes, you’re all the 4th strongest.

Hey sohee

So, what street is KaiserWorld on?


You know, KaiserWorld sounds stupid, now that I think about it

Why the hell do people bother logging off, anyways?

i read this thread in the middle of government class, and i read evil dave’s comment and just starting LAUGHING so hard. everyone fucking turned and looked at me and i just couldn’t stop.

oh my…kaiser, you are quite a character my friend, quite a character indeed.

Fuck. I’m making an ass out of myself again


It shows up when you are actualy on the boards, it leaves when you close your browser, not when you log off.

Couldn’t you have PMed or Emailed someone with this question?

Yes, yes. We all see that Basara made an idiotic comment. Like, a really idiotic comment. No need for us to point out how idiotic this idiotic comment was. We can all tell that it was a really idiotic comment.

idiotic comment

although to be fair, I didn’t know that the board organized the user activity by putting your name first, and I’m the first registered user here. So…