My mouse quest

I’ve been looking around for a new mouse, a sleek stylish sexy one. What I’m specifically looking for is one that has a clear shell, maybe some light things going on. But anything that’s good-looking works for me. It must be optical, and it must not be wireless. (And I want a spoiler on it too, for decreased wind resistance while I’m moving it. :P)

I did find a mouse that fit this description at Xoxide, but it featured this weird button-less design, where you “click” by rocking the mouse on one side or the other. I’d rather not take the chance that it’ll suck for gaming, as some people have commented that it does. I need one with actual buttons.

And my price range is about $20 here. Suggestions will be greatly rewarded. Bad news, however, will be severely punished.

All the cool looking ones cost $29+, I’ll list them though.
Auravision Mouse.
Logitech® MX™510 Performance Optical Mouse - Blue.
Microsoft® IntelliMouse® Explorer.
Logitech Click! Optical Mouse.
Labtec Optical Mouse.

I’d stay away from wireless mice. Even more so because you want it for gaming.

He said that in his original post…

Dang Trill… expensive. But oh so sexy.

The Auravision one looks pretty cool. I forgot to mention I don’t want a mouse with a whole lot of buttons, especially not the ones on the side. Two buttons and a clickable scroll wheel is plenty.

I used to have a mouse that looked like C-3PO’s head. But the color started chipping off after a while …

One Word: eBay

Note: the last one is mostly cool just because the cord is retractable.

Hope these help!

Thanks for the input, everyone! I ended up just getting a $10 Creative mouse that had a light up scroll wheel. Not my first choice, but I was buying a new HD and I never like to order just one thing at a time… so I found the best-looking mouse under $20 and got that.

Hey, as long as it’s not beige and it works, I guess that’s all that matters. :stuck_out_tongue: