My Mexican Fireleg tarantula is too awesome

This is too awesome and I have to share.

Ok, after having spent the better part of two years in a 2.5 Gal KK, I thought it was time to move my Mexican Fireleg tarantula to the good 'ol glass tank. I have prepared her enclosure, which is again simple in design, but should give her much appreciated extra space to move around.

Let’s see the diffrence…

This is her current setup :

Now, here is her new setup, in three diffrent angles.




A world of diffrence, is there not ?

I added a LOAD of dirt to keep falling incidents to near-nonexistent.

Here is the end result after a relatively easy transfer.

This is such an awesome enclosure for her :smiley:

the coloration is definitely interesting like you alluded to earlier

Do tarantulas require so little space for an enclosure? Considering the size it looks small, but that might be because I’m comparing it to the big ol’ terrarium my mom uses for her bearded dragon (as far as creature-size-to-tank-size).

What I have is a 5 Gallon, which is perfect for this species which may reach a legspan of 7 inches. She has more than enough room to roam around. Eventually, it will be filled with silk all over the floor. Too large a cage like a 20 Gallon will stress out the spider, as she will be continually pacing around for her retreat and may have trouble finding her food as well.

That’s interesting, as bearded dragons need the extra space so that they can regulate their body temp by posting at different spots around the cage at varying distances from the heat source. Is the silk she’ll produce valuable at all?

Fortunately, tarantulas aren’t as affected by temps than reptiles. They’ll do fine at room temps. If she feel the area is too warm to her liking, she’ll go in her hide to cool off a bit. And yes, the silk is valuable as it’ll act as a tripwire to let her know when prey is in range.

I thought you might be interested in this:

It’s like a Nicki Minaj tarantula.

Very pretty, but coming from Brazil, it’s probably a species that requires high humidity. I have better luck with desert/scrubland species since they require no humidity other than their water bowl.

Here is the brand new hobby closet. If you look hard, you can make out Fluffy (Mexican Fireleg) by the glass.

Hmmm… Hope you guys won’t mind this uh… necropost ?

I’m no longer with JUST my Fireleg tarantula. I managed I get back my Redknee… and I’m going back to the source by getting… not 1, not 2… but 3 Chilean roses.

I feel they are quite… underrated.

This is what my closet looks like now…

Is that a Dragon God I spy in that news article?

Haha, in what strange French newspaper were you featured, DG?

Killmore : Yes indeed.

Walhalla : The Newspaper is called Le Madawaska. And fancy seeing you here. How’s things ?

Changing my setup for the last time.

On the top are my tarantula maintenance tools (tongs, flashlight, misting bottle (for filling water dishes), notepad for writing in molt records and cricket container for each T, my two Chilean Rose, “Daisy” and “Maggie”.
On the middle are my North American Brown “Stimpy”, my Mexican Fireleg “Fluffy” and my Mexican Redknee “Ginger”.

Lower left spot has all my books, DVDs, CDs, plushies and so on…

This is as perfect as it’ll get.

Cool! I’m not sure to what degree tarantulas use site, do they interact at all with their enclosures being that close to one another?

TrkJac : Their eyesight is poor at best. It is possible they might feel another presence near them, but they don’t really interact in any way.

Ok folks, here are the last pics you’ll see… for this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s my North American Brown, Stimpy !