My latest favourite toy


Fairly certain no one’s mentioned this before… take a joyride around the solar system, and this section of the milky way, using Celestia! You need a fairly good graphics card to make it run properly, but it’s well worth putting in the effort :smiley:


seems like I can run it… I might give it a shot later tonight.

So, it wasn’t that you had gotten yourself a girlfriend.

The program looks pretty fun, even if it has a bit old data. As far as I know Mir isn’t in orbit around the earth anymore. Oh well, it seems to be something worth spending time on.

I have a terrible 3d graphics card. On this computer. Go to hell.

I love you Neb, you just saved me from hours of boredom in 'nothing-to-do’ness ^^

I always loved programs like this, and this one is simply the best :yipee: