My friends are awesome.

It’s thursday night, we’re all done with midterms and problemsets. So we’ve decided to regress to a younger age and begin to mimic eachother. And now we’ve switched to bouncing on the beds.

The other night we were trying to remember cats cradle and all those fun string things.

Not 'till I got to college have I ever had such fun experiences.

Welcome to college. :smiley:

Most of my college fun is derived from getting piss ass drunk…

The opposite sex is so weird…

Nonsense, we just have a healthy relationship to alcohol.

Laughs Ha ha ha, you’re right, Nul.

Though that was rather weird still, Kairi.

I do so agree. The opposite sex is weird.

Thank you! I love it so.

I know Kexmex, I know. But in my experience weird people are more fun. ^^

What if we’re not weird? What if everyone else is, HUH?

No…it’s definetaly us. Not everyone else.

:thinking: I guess I can agree to that. Weirdness makes me laugh too.

I don’t know about you people but I love my opposite sex. goes hug a tree

[STRIKE]Mmmm … opposite sex. I mean, uh …[/STRIKE]

You’re lucky, the awesomest stuff I’ve done here is eat barbecued burgers with guys who know my name, but damned if I know who they are.

Well, I’ve taken a trip with three great friends to compete at Imagine Cup. That was my best college experience so far.

Imagine Cup? What’s that?

That’s too bad Yar.

Apparently you’ve never been to a public college with low acceptance requirements.

^^ hahaha

My best college experience was this:

Halloweenish time last year I went to Auburn, Alabama; Opelika, Alabama and Tallahassee, Florida all in one night. Left for Florida at 4am and got there right as the sun came up at around 7am. Stayed all weekend, caught the FSU/Maryland game and partied at a bar where it was $4 Natural Light pitchers and free refills.

It was a pretty bad ass bar too; there were three rooms. One with a digital jukebox, one with a dance floor and a DJ and the last had a pretty good live band playing for a while.

hooeh, how cool!


That must be some frat house you’re in.

The best of its kind.

I encounter several such people. They annoy me.:thud: