My friend's alliance made Norway's News

From Norwegain media:

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Short version in English, as far as I know:

The Norwegian government is appealed that the Norwegian national anthem has been abused by what they call Nazi-propaganda. The Nazi-propaganda in question is a Nordreich PR film on YouTube.

According to the article the Norwegian state department and Police are now looking into the matter.

On this game called cybernations we play as countries. I have one and I am in no alliance right now but I am reappling for the NPO. Well the NoR or Nordreich made this video for their alliance and the leader or one of the leaders of the alliance kaisermartens, who dispite me almost joining an alliance they were at war with, are good friends. He knows nothing of this at this time so it’s a big debate on the CN forum on what the admin and Martins will do. Also hello.

So… you’re a Nazi or something?

Wait, what?

I find it funny that nobody here objected the the American national anthem being used for nazi purposes by real people during Nixon’s campaign, but an online country gets other nations all riled up.

Cybernations: Where the futility of communism can be played out.

That’s the worst nazi propaganda film ever.


They could’ve at least got a decent soundtrack.

Wait. Warsaw is a Communist AND a Nazi?! He’s a Commie-Nazi!

Someone hide the UNICEF pennies. They’re needed to help the puny children who need them. :frowning:

He’s not Jewish, is he?
Once, a Commie-Nazi-Jew and I were forced to do battle. Even my skill in Hakyoseiken was unable to defeat his self-contradictory furor.

I’m not in NoR. I’m New Pacific Order.

Also Washington Times has it now.


So the truth comes out.

Nordir called the participants at Nordreich “a fictional organization comprised mainly of political minded teenagers that harbor a conservative/nationalist/European pride ideology” and stressed that the group was in no way a genuine neo-Nazi organization.

So they defend themselves by saying “We aren’t real Neo-Nazis. But we wish we were.”

Hey comrade. Long time no see.

I always knew that online game of yours was bad news!

I find this very amusing. Also, nice to see you around Nagumo. Hope your friend gets some good fame out of this whole incident.

I guess notoriety is a kind of famous.

Like infamous? insert obligatory quotes

I gotta say, that was the most awesome “this video has been removed” EV0R.