My first sprite, is it good?

Uh, yeah. Took me about 3 minutes to edit a Faris sprite. I took the body of red-mage, but removed the cane-like thing on the left, (she’s facing left) and switched the head with the Bare job Faris. I changed the colors to my likings.

Just it with all honesty, if it sucks, say it sucks. Just keep in mind that it is my first attempt, so please judge it based on that. Is it good for a newb? Don’t compare it to like, some godly image of some dude from some RPG, which glows with radiant white.

So yeah… I was bored. X.x

Edit: I noticed you cannot zoom in and such, so copy/paste it in Paint, and enlarge if you want. Also, the background is dark bluish, I forgot to put it to white. I forgot it was gonna be a bitmap, and not a GIF.

It’s pretty decent for a first time color swap and grafting job.

Thanks dude.

I might consider doing more, if I got more time on my hands… but that is a rare occurance.

yeah it looks very nice, (I’m a newbie myself)

try to create full custom sprites. like Lysekoid , without other sprites as base.

I’m using the same way its hard but cool.

The hard part (which I’m at) is getting the shading right to make it look polished. It’s hard to do shading period though, but I have some successful attempts on my computer already.

Polished? Explain.

Anyways, I’m thinking of doing some more tonight, dunno if I will have time. I sure hope I do. :slight_smile: