My favorite things about the last decade.

1: I’m glad we finally grew a balls as a nation to finally go over to the middle east and tell those terrorists that we arent going to just let them come over with their turbans and car bombs and start blowing up our buildings and churches. Plus, we’re able to take back some of the oil they’ve been selfishly hoarding for themselves. It’s like you’re not the only country in the world that needs that oil, Agrabah. Maybe you should go find a genie and wish for some trees and shit in that desert you live in. And then you won’t be so angry at us for not having a shitty country.

2: Twitter. Let’s face it. We all use it and we all love it. I don’t know what I would do if I had to continue being left in the dark to what my favorite celebrities are doing. I like it because it reminds me that the people I look up to the most are just like me. They also hate standing in line for starbucks. It’s like, hi, supply and demand, if you have a big ass line like this. Maybe get a few more people to work there? FUCK!

3: I like that the country stepped in and helped the car industry out with that bailout. My dad used to work for a car company. Sorta. I mean, he sold used cars. But the point is, he could have been effected by that. Well, now he works with 21st century doing some house shit or something, I dunno. But the point is, like, alot of people coulda been out of work and that would NOT have been cool, especially in this economy. We don’t need any more people being out of work, am I right?

4: Facebook, I know I was the last hold out, I was still sticking with myspace for the longest time. Even after everyone switched, I still used both. At first it was just too difficult, I couldn’t figure out how to use it. But now I am an avid fan of facebook. It’s way better. after the learning curve, its now totally more user friendly than myspace was. I love it!

5: 4chan, for those of you not familiar with 4chan. It’s a website, where you can look at all these funny pictures of various things. Everyone on it jokingly acts like a bunch of jerks to eachother and gives like the worst advice you could ask for. It’s hilarious. You should check it out.

anyway, now you guys go ahead and tell use what you’re thankful for from the last 10 years. Which I would say this has been the best decade ever! even better than the 80s which is still second best now cuz it had the best music! Duran Duran <3 <3 <3 <3


  1. Wikipedia. Where else could I possibly go to have the sum of all human knowledge, 100% accurate, at my finger tips? That’s right. No where.
  2. Twilight and the 100 other vampire series. Vampires are like totally hot and sparkling. You’d have to be gay not to want to be a vampire. Like 2001 was all about being a hobbit with hairy feet or little children waving around sticks, then like 2003 was totally the start of that whole pirate thing, and pirates were cool and all, but anywho fast forward to now and it’s all about the vampires. Like screw those old vampires with the paley skin and so forth, whoever wrote that stuff was way off and didn’t know what the hell they were talkin about cuz vampires are like totally sparkly and can do so much more…and stakes don’t kill them. That’s just totally folklore and silly. Yeah…vampires are hot and sexy.
  3. Celebrity death match…not the show, the fact that they’re all dropping like flies now. Nothing brings people together more than talking about their favorite celebs after they’ve died. Isn’t it wonderful? It doesn’t matter if you liked them before, once they’re dead just jump in the bandwagon and embrace.