My Computer Won't Turn Off

Check out the latest bug in my PC, dudes: it (sometimes) refuses to turn off. It’s been freezing during the sign-off stage for about a week now. This forces me to turn off the power on it. Also, it’s very slow on the start as well.

The only thing I’ve recently done to it was install a new printer, and something wrong may have happened during the process (the printer works OK, but the Pen Drive Icon shows up every time I turn it on; that’s never happened before.)

Any advice on how to fix this? I don’t like to turn off the power on the computer so often, I’ve been told it’s not good for the machine.

The power switch isn’t worth worrying about. Just use it when you absolutely have to and leave your comp on the rest of the time. It’s not great for your machine, but it’s one of those things that needs a lot of abuse to actually do any real damage, like eating donuts or something. I’d just use it and not worry about it.

The slow startup might be Windows XP loading the icon cache. I hear that’s a problem some people have, and there are ways to clean it up. But I’m not the guy to ask about that.