My band!

We’re finally on purevolume =D
my friend has been fucking with the mixing of our songs, because we’ve used just regular old vocal microphones, and finally has it to some tolerable level.

One song has vocals, and we just learned it today (“Has the whole world gone emo”). yes, I realize the singer sucks… and so does he, but we’re making due.
The other one was just practicing a different song of ours without the vocals mixed in.

-grins- whose outstanding M$ paint skills are those? -^^-

Psh, don’t comment on that which you are misinformed of!
(I didn’t do it >.>)

Hmm. The first song is alright, it has its moments, but it seems a little simple and mundane for an instrumental. The second song is kind of cool though, it has a really odd sounding riff in it, and the vocals are kind of cool. it reminds me of older punk.

well, the first one actually has vocals, we just didn’t have any good versions WITH vocals (the vocals, obviously, aren’t the best.)

I just listened to the second one… it almost reminds me of Joy Division or Interpol in the vocals, until he starts screaming. In fact, that song would be pretty good if he didn’t scream on inappropriate times.


Good job i guess. The music player won’t load for me D:

Oh, and by the way, the singer really does suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

These songs are so going on my, hopefully, new mini-disc player. :stuck_out_tongue: All I have to do, is find out how to save the song in Mp3 format. :<

I agree. I’m also not sure of all the lyrics. They get awkward in some points, and don’t make much sense in others.

I also wonder about a band who writes a song about haiting Emo, then has another that really, based solely upon the title, sounds like it’s gonna be Emo.[/thiswasajoke]

Has the whole world gone emo… has the whole world gone MAD!?
Has the whole world gone emo… is everyone really this sad?

Hah, that’s playing on my Mp3 player right now.

Mr.Sherrick, who says “Good job”, on the beginning of ‘Has the whole world gone emo’ ?

Yeah, I say “Recording” and “good job!” on it :stuck_out_tongue:
and wow, better responses than I had ever thought =D

Edit: Also, you should, like, go to the “Music” section, and download the songs that way if you want to do that, Corn.

You need more songs! :smiley: I keep my Mp3 player on repeat, for your two songs. I take back my comment that your band sucks. :smiley:

Well good luck to ya man, I prefer to whore my band out in other ways but hey whatever. See you at the top :P.

P.S. The player isn’t working for me either.

Just download the Mp3, then get Media Player, the latest version = win.

Or put it on an Mp3 player; whatever.

WTF media player? What have you been smoking? It’s all about the Winamp man. And yeah, Steve sent me one of their songs, I’m just too lazy to listen to it.

I’m just trying to get the band heard by as many people as possible. :smiley:

The singer is awful, but other then that its ok…but the drumming…ouch…it makes Meg White look good :stuck_out_tongue:

For about a month or so of playing drums, I’d say he’s good :stuck_out_tongue: