My avatar?

What it is?

Some text that looks like a face is squinting to the right.

It’s horrible is what it is. Especially when compared to the glory that is my avatar.

Nah Seed’s avatar is cooler.

I beg to differ. X’s avatar is the shit, particularly when combined with his custom title.

Well, who is that old guy then, and what’s with the line?

It’s Gray Davis. You know. The California governor being recalled. Pretty funny, but Charl’s is better.

Well yeah, that is pretty funny actually.

It’s a…


Seed, do you think you invented that emoticon or somthing? You think nobodies seen it? You think we’re gonna be all “OGM HOW DID U MAEK TAT??? LOAAAAOMAOMASFMOAS!!!1111111”

Cuz we arent, and that avatar sucks ass.

edit: You must know what it is, you wouldnt just put somthing you didnt know what was as your avatar. AND then make a thread about it, drawing attention to it. You must want some kind of praise from us, but you wont get any

It’s too bad that The Tower had to die…
Otherwhise this could have been sent there…

Wow, three black lines, on a white background, made to look like a face!! How exciting!! /sarcasm