My anime wallpapers..

Okay so I like making backgrounds and stuff in photo studio…especially anime walls, and since this is a Media forum, I guess this would be a good place to just let people see them.

Keep in mind I made them with photo studio which er, isn’t the best at graphics…it’s just a basic program, nothing like Paint Shop Pro, or Adobe, or anything like that. This means my options in creating are VERY limited, but I try to make due with the few tools I have. So they’re not fancy and elaborate, but I’m still proud of what little things I can do. Oh and also, they are all Witch Hunter Robin walls big cheesy grin Hey we all need to be obsessed with SOMETHING.

Be gentle, critics…I’m a very sensitive soul…hopefully the pages will be accessible

Amon and Robin

Amon and Robin again

The lyrics are from a WHR video that I downloaded awhile ago in case anyone wondered why they are there.


Amon 2 (my favorite one…)

Amon 3

So like I said very basic but if anyone has any tips or… shudder critisism feel free to reply as I am an attention whore and frequently need comments to keep me going.

Where is the Vash? ;_;

Oh I put Vash on hold for awhile when (much cooler) Amon come into the picture -_-;; Don’t hurt me…

This looks great! Keep up the good work!:yipee:

Originally posted by Evangelion
(much cooler) Amon

What. Did. You. Say?

<img src=“”> Nice work, but I think that everything is a bit too transparent, ruining the overall look. Try making things a little bit more solid, or throw one or two fully solid objects in there. Also, the image quality seems a bit low and pixelly.

Yeah, the first one looks a bit distorted because of how everything’s transparent. You might want to try a few different pics of the characters with less pixelation. But other than that, the first one and especially the second one look great. Keep it up! :cool:

Originally posted by Pierson
What. Did. You. Say?

The much cooler Amon. I’m sorry did I not say it loud enough?
hides from Pierson’s wrathe

Ah yes, I have a love for transparencies…I tried to get over that in the last wall, but then…I just made it fading again. I don’t know it was always an old habit of mine, so I guess yes, I’ll have to work on it.

Hmm image quality? I thought they were okay…maybe you’re confused with some parts that I specifically shaded and distorted on purpose? See, I need a better program so I can learn to do all this stuff better.

Thanks guys for looking at them:yipee:

I don’t see anything cool about… what was his name? Mamon was it? Melon? Mumon? Sorry forgot his name due to lack of coolness.

No Knives avatars for YOU!