Music Request

I’ve been looking around for music and am somewhat at a blockage for new songs/bands. My current interests are Linkin Park, Metallica, Disturbed, a bit of Lit and Barenaked Ladies. Some of the songs I have from them are Faint, Master of Puppets, Forsaken, My Own Worst Enemy, and One Week (respectively). I’m looking for more songs either by them or bands with similar music. I’m open to most kinds and give everything at least one listen.

Thanks in advance.

“Take me Out” by Franz Ferdinand

Try Over my Head by Lit. It’s from the awesomely cool Titan AE soundtrack :smiley:

So you’re into…guitars and stuff? Fairly heavy stuff?

Uum let me think of stuff off of the top of my head:

Cosmic Castaway-Electrasy
If I Had A Million Dollars-BNL (hey it’s a classic!)
Time to Start-Blue Man Group
Easier To Run-Linkin Park
Hero-Foo Fighters
This Love-Maroon 5
Enter-Within Temptation

I’ll add more later, probably.

<a href=“”>Playlist of Metallica</a>
any repeats are off of the S&M album (Symphony and Metallica)

One of my favorate groups is the Offspring, and lately I’ve been getting into Blind Guardian.

For Offspring, I’d reccomend All I Want, Self Esteem, Million Miles Away, One Fine Day and Staring at the Sun.
From Blind Guardian, A Past and Future Secret, Imaginations from the Other Side, The Bard’s Song, The Hobbit, and Nightfall.

One more note: Look up the song “I Hope You Die”, by the Bloodhound Gang. That’s the only song of theirs I have heard, but damned if it doesn’t rock HARD.

I’d recommend some Dream Theater- try either Scenes from a Memory or Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, as those two tend to be heavier I guess. It’s not heavy like Metallica is or anything, but they’re still damn good.

<a href=“[2].mp3”>Stone Cold?</a>

Can someone listen to that and see if it’s A) by Disturbed and/or B) the right song (it sounds kinda faint).

If you get any Linkin Park song, get Session. It is some good instrumental stuff right there. Or Breaking The Habit’s good too.

Based on your current interests, you might want to also check out Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave or Deadsy. Some good RatM songs are Snakecharmer, Vietnow, Sleep Now In The Fire, Ashes in the Fall and Guerilla Radio. Show Me How To Live and Cochise by Audioslave are good. The only Deadsy I’ve heard so far is Key To Gramercy Park, but it’s pretty good and I want to find more (haven’t yet).

With all these suggestions, I’m gonna have trouble picking 70-80 songs (all my mp3 player will hold). And Ezboarder, I’ve found a bunch of Deadsy. If I can download them, I’ll see if Cass’ll put 'em up for me so you can download 'em.

Seeing as you like BNL I’m going to suggest Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy, Naked, Slide, Lazy eye, Black Balloon. The Ataris - Boys of Summer, The Anthem.

As forthe heavier stuff, you might like Papa Roach - Last Resort.