This is a great idea, I love sharing music. C:

Great song and video.

I was going to either post this or caribou tomorrow.

cool, within temptations.

I recently discovered I had this song still backed up on my external. I’m glad, I thought I’d lost it in one of the many purges I’ve done to my computer.

I doubt Within Temptation will be considered the “modern classical” of our era, but whatever rocks one’s boat.
Madder Mortem - Hangman

I’ve been listening to this lately:

The World Ends With You- Déjà Vu

Can’t help but love the music from that game.

“22 Acacia Avenue” - Iron Maiden

Goodbye Mr. A by The Hoosiers c:

“Light My Fire” - The Doors (Ed Sullivan Show)

Holy shit, I’ve never seen such a short version. Morrison looks so high too.

I’m going to have to post this now:

So I find it hard to decide which song form this is my favourite.

Dr. Horrible is just awesome.

Oh my, yes it definitely is awesome! C:

Fireflies - Owl City

It’s a very pretty song.

It is a live version at a small club
Artist - Hammer Horde
Song - In The Name Of Winter’s Wrath

Viking Metal straight from Northwest Ohio.

Yay Dr. Horrible!

This one is exponentially better and you know it too:

“We Both Reached for the Gun” - Chicago (the movie) [Richard Gere]

The song starts about 1:05 into it.

Ooo, I liked that song.

Walking in the Air:

Coolest thing I’ve seen all week.