Here’s the rule. You can only post a link to one song per day. Okay? Usually it would be good to link the song you’ve been listening to the most lately. Someone linked me to THIS song and it’s so peppy and feel good I cant help but enjoy it. Look at all the fun they’re having.
So post a link to the song you’ve had in your head lately. (Scorpion Frog, by Infected Mushroom)

Technolicious. Normally I don’t listen to techno as much as metal, rock, or alternative but I recently discovered Infected Mushroom and its had me kinda enthralled for a while now.

Lately, I listen to anything that sounds like …


I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. Everytime I turn on my ipod I flip to this song and play it. I actually hadn’t ever seen the music video to it until about 5 minutes ago.

LOL Pete and Pete. Awesome.

The rest of you guys posted crap. Try to do better next time.

Live version because this is how I am dancing from now on.

I would’ve the pasted Blink-182’s All the Small Things, but the music vid caused me an irreversible frown.

Why that particular song? I performed it in Karaoke last weekend…

984, I love you. That song was great.

I think this song has a good, uplifting beat to it.

Hrm, I didn’t know the singer from Dresden Dolls had a solo career. I have a friend who absolutely loves them and she should be interested :slight_smile:

984: That song is hilarious.

Fullmetal: Going to have to download that song sometime. (The Islander, by Nightwish)

Heres my song for the day, which is awesome because their Bassist is the lead singer for this song. I love his voice, can’t get enough of it.

Lately I’ve been getting into modern classical.

I see your one awesomeness of Bauhaus and raise it by one awesomeness of Pornography-era Cure (the only era!)

It’s past midnight, so I can add another one.

Yay! One of my favorite songs!

Gila- Good one. Sexy in the penis.

EDIT: Silly of me. Let me actually name the titles and bands, so people will know what they are before they click.

In my first post, it was “Mask” by Bauhaus. The second one is “The Chaos Path” by Arcturus.

That is such a sexy song. Sexy also in the penis. Seriously, Arcturus were fucking great. Wish I had a chance to see those wacky guys live. I have the album that song is on and I gotta say the whole album is that good.

Just got back from seeing these guys playing. Was a better show than I expected.