Music can't get more experimental than this O_o

I’ve found this piece(26 MBs) extremely “off the wall”, “wacky”, any other synonyms you can come up with…

People who enjoy techno and funk will enjoy this more, it’s basically a bunch of little bits of music, cut, pasted and mixed together… I enjoy the track as I’m quite fammiliar with the artist in question.

Anyways… for those looking to kill an hour of their time listening to the weirdest music, this is the way to go. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue: Check out his two other available mp3s if you like what you hear here.

…This is one of the most fucked up things I’ve ever heard in my life. And not in a good way. Which is saying something, consdiering how I love fucked-up-edness.

Err… I’d agree with Val here. It’s just too random to work as a mix. The individual samples are far too short and the tempos just don’t run into each other very well.

Ok… try his other mp3s… they are consistent in style and rythm… for the most part =P

Yeah, I see what you mean. Round and Around are pretty cool. They remind me of Coldcut somewhat (Coldcut = Awesome, BTW :P).


I have heard and liked weirder, it’s all right though the parts are too short as Pierson mentioned.

Interesting to say the least, but then again I’m not a huge fan of Techno.