Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Some fan game about crossovers essencially, friend at work told me about it, curious if anyone here heard or tried it.

The website
Demo 1
You got Mario in my Contra!

I’ve known about it since I first read this post lol.

Anyways I couldn’t help but lol at the Zelda II doors at the end of the first two areas.

Crossover material I noticed in the third link was Mario and his power-ups plus coins, Yoshi coins, and keys. Contra enemies & bosses + levels and firepower. Megaman’s Bombman plus weapon and enemy health bars for contra weapons and bosses respectfully and also spiked traps and I’ll give the elevator segment to MM as well (since they used them a couple of times too). Halo’s Spartan Suit power-up. Zelda’s locked doors and rupees. And Sonic’s TV Power-Up containers.

That’s all that I spotted during that youtube video run.

I can’t seem to run the demo. It gets hung up on the loading screen and I have to end the task. Any idea what could be up?

Never heard about it. It looks interesting-ish though the benchmark of its success will be probably its quality as a platformer more than its fusion elements.