"Muppets Making Prank Calls"

Okay, I’m not a muppet, but it’s a quote, damn it. You try to find a quote about prank calls.

Anyway, since I worked at a game store for a really long time, I found that the best thing to do while working at a game store (or really, whenever) is to call [other] game stores and ask for fictional games. It’s hard to come up with a fictional game name that sounds authentic. The trick is, it has to sound like something obscure, something the receiver of the call wouldn’t immediately be familiar with. Thus, no “final fantasy 20” or whatever. I’ve come up with a formula that makes a pretty believable game name:

[80’s celebrity] [pro/other adjective] [fake/obscure sport]

Here’s my favorite examples, and the ones that I personally use.

Scott Bakula’s Pro Wakeboarder
Mindy Cohn’s Pro Rollerblader
Benson DuBois’s Open Court Tennis
Neil Patrick Harris: Celebrity Backgammon
Conrad Bain’s Combat Basketball

Technically Benson DuBois is a character, not an actor, but you get the idea.

So …this is how you get your kicks, do ya? Your sick man,SICK

[Tales of/Soul/Sword of] [Real, ordinary word rewritten a bit]

[li]Tales of Bahtarumu.
[/li][li]Sword of Paos.

What Nulani said, but adding “Legend of” and “Random mythical words” like this:
[li]Legend of Vulcanus
[/li][li]Tales of Valkyries
[/li][/ul] And if you ever can, please try to tape one of the calls for us :stuck_out_tongue:

“Hello, do you have Scott Bakula’s Pro Wakeboarder?”

“Let me check…no, sorry, we don’t have that.”


Actually, the way it went earlier today…

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if you could look for a particular game.”
Best Buy I used to work at: “What game?”
Me: “Conrad Bain’s Combat Basketball.”
BB: “… I’m sorry?”
Me: “Conrad Bain’s Combat Basketball.”
BB: “Uh, let me check.”
puts me on hold, looks in RSS
BB: “Give me a second”
holds hand over phone, asks supervisor question
Supervisor: “This is ###, can I help you?”
Me: “Yeah, I’m looking for the game Conrad Bain’s Combat Basketball. It’s on Xbox.”
BB: “Could you spell it?”
Me: “Yeah, C-O-N-R-A-D B-A-I-N-S–”
BB: “No, doesn’t look like we have it. We don’t have all of the older games.”
Me: “Oh, it’s brand new.”
BB: “Well, we might get it on Thursday, then. That’s when we get new games. Any other ones I could help you find?”
Me: “I don’t suppose you have Mr. T’s boxing?”
BB: “Now THAT one I’ve heard of! But we’re sold out. Sorry.”
Me: “That’s okay, I think I know where I can get it. Thanks.”
BB: “Thank you, and have a great day.”

Sometimes, I use “Bob Barker’s Puzzle Smash” as the recovery game, but with that new Rocky game out, I think that Mr. T’s Boxing might actually be believable. It must be, cause that guy “had heard of it.” The best part is when they pretend that they’ve even played the game you mention.

Guy at EB: “Oh, yeah, Scott Bakula Pro Wakeboarder! That game’s awesome! I played that for hours the other day! We must have sold out, though. The computer says we’re getting some in our shipment on Tuesday, though.”
Me: “Really? You’re getting in some copies of Scott Bakula Pro Wakeboarder on Tuesday?”
EB: “Yeah, says right here in my system.”
Me: “Well, this is Chris at store 662. What’s the sku on that game, cause I have a guy here anxious for it, I’ll just pre-order it for him here.”
EB: “Uhh… I already closed the screen. I got a customer, bye!”

Phantom’s Harmonia

Legacy of Insanity? Sword of Chaos?

I would call a store and ask if they had if they had Rockman from Hell vs Super Bario Brothers Part 2-The special version where you can customize your own ghetto bum’s special fighting moves-----

Neil Patrick Harris’ Celebrity Backgammon? lmao xD
'k, I used an rpg name generator, and this is stuff it came up with:
Lost Fortress
The sixth revolution
Rune Splendor
The twelfth seed
Dragon’s dawn
The first pride
Rising fate
Azure fantasy
Not bad. Sounds authentic to me.

That thing kicks ass:

Air of Heaven
Combat of Spira: The Machine of Heaven
Cyan’s Magical
Fall Cavern
Mystic of Atlantis: The Airship of Planet
Sephiroth’s Amethyst
Southeast Magical
Steel Machine
True Thunder Unlimited

heres my formula

legend, or tale of random word add DIA to the end of the word. :moogle:

Lol Saturn, that’s awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Some other tips:

  • car parts dealer name + “racer” + year
  • invented name + " 's dream"
  • “battlefield” + tropical location name
  • something + “commander”
  • something + “master”
  • something + “fighter”
  • something + “simulation” +year

And the most credible ones:

-“soul” + whatever you want.
-“dragon” + whatever you want

Or how about Nada III? Hey, it has its own commercial! :hahaha;