Multiplayer console RPGs

Yeah, so I’m interested in finding some decent multiplayer console RPGs (I’m certain the title <i>couldn’t</i> have implied that :P). Having not played any, I’m curious as to which ones would be worth playing (they don’t have to be godly, just fun and entertaining). Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

God, why do people keep wanting to play multiplayer console RPGs when they almost don’t fucking exist.

2 come to mind and that’s FFCC for GC and SoM, and I can think of much better ways to spend one’s time. Find something better to do with your gf. LoM isn’t really practical to play multiplayer anyway, neither is it particularly interesting to go through multiplayer.

If you want to play an RPG multiplayer, get into an mmo. Its meant to be a social experience. Diablo is an mmo-lite and doesn’t provide much long term satisfaction.

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Champions of Norrath
Champions: Return to Arms

Latter two are 1-4 player co-op also with online capabilities.

lol arent most of the FF remakes for PSX able to do 2 player?

Phantasy Star Online I guess. Sin is right though, there are only handful of multiplayer RPGs total out of every system unless you go online with MMORPGs. Rceommending a multiplayer RPG, let alone a good one is pretty hard. It is more of a just mentioning multiplayer RPGs rather than quality.

If you haven’t experienced already, Tales of Destiny II (PS) is a good choice.

heh I have yet to find a multiplayer RPG on any platform that doesn’t make we want to kill myself…

I’ve heard Tales of The Abyss has a interesting setup for multiplayer, but idk.

I guess try the others that people have already suggested.

If your friends are okay with a bit of waiting, Tales of Symphonia can involve up to four players in the battles. Only one gets to control the character on the map though.

Tales of Symphonia is pretty easy multi-player though. With 4 players, you just have to mash A as fast as you can and any fight with a single enemy (most bosses, for instance) becomes cake since the enemy can’t fight back.

I enjoyed X Men Legends very much. It can get a little confusing, but that’s easily fixed by cooperation between people playing.

It’s really a strategy/board game, but I find Culdcept really fun. Supposively there’s a sequel to it coming out for the XBox 360. It’s basically a mix between Yu-gi-oh! and Monopoly.

FF Anthology had 2 player support. Just get some old school beat’em ups if you want tag-team action.

Yeah, I was thinking something along the lines of Baldur’s Gate. I didn’t even think of some beat 'em ups, but thats a good idea. PSO would be good too. Dunno about the Tales games or FF. I’d rather have full control for both players. Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Guild Wars is pretty good, based off the beta I played. It even got an award from G4, who claim they hate mmorpgs.

I’ve heard Tales of The Abyss has a interesting setup for multiplayer, but idk.

Yes. Star Ocean 3 has kinda similiar multiplayer and has a fighter mode.

[b]Champions of Norrath
Champions: Return to Arms

Latter two are 1-4 player co-op also with online capabilities.[/b]

Good luck finding someone to play with online.

Yeah, I’m not you; so it’s pretty easy to find people to play with. I’m sure no one played with you because of the idiocy radiating from you and your typed words.

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Why not just drop it? Is something as silly as a video game recommendation worth fighting over? Besides, fighting will probably lead to a banning (I’m sure some admins have an itchy finger for it) and that wouldn’t be good.

What about that new Phantasy Star that came out not so long ago…uh…Phantasy Star Universe: