MTV Movie Awards is on tonight!!

Starts on MTV at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. For those of us who might want to watch it.

What, you find it weird that I like it? Hey, I like the Oscars for being all classy, but THIS is the funniest awards show of the whole year! They have comedians for awards presenters, categories like Best Fight Scene and Best Kiss, AND live performances! Not to mention Movie Parodies. I’ll bet my hide they spoof Revenge of the Sith!! :biggrin:

Don’t worry if you miss it, tho, cuz they’re probably going to rerun it a dozen times the rest of the month. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it will be anything more than the usual garbage directed at an audience whose interests only lie with pop (not the soda).

… but I’ll probably end up watching a rerun of it.

I don’t watch TV, namely because of the crap that’s on.

I don’t like watching it because of the random celebrities that present the awards (Dudes, you have to be there for five seconds, think you could NOT sound like an android for a chance?) but the Movie Parodies are usually pretty good (Will Ferrell as The Architect was probably the best thing MTV ever put on the air). I’ll probably catch a rerun.

Really it’s on tonight? I was looking for an excuse to take a nap.

Sweet Dreams, Rommel! :kissy:

Show’s over now, but they’re doing the post-show in half an hour. And yeah, it was good! Favorite moments: The BATMAN BEGINS parody, the STAR WARS III parody, The Tom Cruise Homage and the comedy bit between Jimmy Falon and Sandra Bullock. Hell, I hate to admit it, but even Eminem was funny! :hahaha;

You know, I remember when they started doing this show, and it was just a joke. Now, people like Cruise and Samuel Jackson show up. Way to go, MTV MOVIE AWARDS!! :slight_smile:

I took a nap for two hours. It was great.

I rarely watch TV, and I hate people with the lack of common sense, hence I hate MTV.

Besides, if I consider the Oscars shit, I think I’ll consider the dumbed down version of them complete garbage as well.

I had it on in the background and didn’t think it was that great. I never did. I just find that the majority of the content is supposed to appeal to teenyboppers and preteens. I didn’t get the giggles once, nor considered the segments that I watched, funny. The sexual innuendo is just awful. It makes you cry that adults are behaving this way.

Sorry to ruin your thread Wilfredo :frowning: I just don’t like the awards.

You’re not ruining anything, Eva. Threads are for expressing opinions, and we all have the right to like and dislike different things.

Still, to me, and many other people, it was a VERY well done and fun show. I enjoyed it and look forth to next year’s. :slight_smile:

There was a little too much Lohan for my liking.

I must have missed that. Thank goodness. Cant stand the Lohan

Yeah, “Mean Girls” won far too many awards if you ask me. But then, remember that it’s the PUBLIC who votes here, not some experts panel. Anyway, unlike at the Oscars, I pay no attention to the winners here, only the show around them.

Lindsay Lohan is pretty much only good for eye candy. That show is rigged to begin with, I mean with guests like Ziyi Zhang who haven’t spent a minute in the MTV limelight, you know they’re reason for being there is to get an award. They give away the suspense with those stupid commercials.

Did Kill Bill get any awards?

best fight (uma and darryl) from what I saw

Rommel: Unlike the Oscars, the MTV awards people know who won and invite the winners so that they WILL be present to pick up the award. Yeah, seeing them in the audience gives away who won, but I think having them pick the award in person is better than in other awards shows where the winners don’t show up and someone has to say, “so-and-so couldn’t be with us tonight, he’s, uhh, busy with a new project, so I accept in his place.” Laaame.

Eww, no I won’t: the trash in my trash-can is less trashy than the trash on MTV and it’s free to watch.