MtG Players

Just wondering now if anybody was or is into Magic the Gathering? Players of any rank… and if anybody is signed up to Magic Online?

Ninten :cool:

I play on Apprentice, sometimes. MtG:Online doesn’t work on my PC 'cause it is ghey.

My PC’s not online yet, though that should be set up within a week. (I just bought a new one)

I play Magic, and I use a terrifying combo of Recycle, Aluren, and Elves. I haven’t lost since I built this deck. The only problem with it: It cost over $200 to build, and I had to buy every card I wanted to put into it. :dizzy:

Remind me to laugh at you when those cards are no longer in the most recent blocks :smiley:

They’re already not in the most recent blocks. That deck has to be Extended, at least. It’ll be Vintage only after this year when Tempest rotates out, too. :smiley:

As for me, I play only on Apprentice. MODO costs money.

Heh, so Devillion, you play?

P.S: Why does it matter that they’re the most recent blocks out… I pride myself on my older collection. Love 'em :biggrin:


I play, but not online. I’ve only been playing a year, since Mirrodin came out.

Well, not alone there, I only re-joined recently, 'bout the same time, but I played before around PlainShift’s time.

Ninten :cool:

Remind me to laugh at you when those cards are no longer in the most recent blocks :smiley:

Doesn’t matter to me. I’ve been playing Magic for 10 years now, so you can bet I have a number of old cards lying around. To be honest, I have 4 cards that are Mirrodin or newer, and I don’t plan on getting more. So I can’t play Type II. So I can’t play in tournaments. I don’t care. The fact that’s important to me is that I have a really good deck, that hasn’t yet lost.

My oldest card? Glyph of Destruction, a nasty little bugger that causes major problems for your opponents, when used skillfully.

I haven’t played magic in over 8 years, somehow my Merfolk deck killed my interest. Sure putting down a 17/17, island walk, Merfolk of the pearl trident for 1 blue was fun for a while, but it was just a horribly strong deck, even for Ice Age.

Anyway, if any of you would want to try it out against some of those newer munchkin decks, the core is this:
4x Lords of Atlantis
4x Dance of Many
4x Clones
4x Sunken City
4x Phantasmal Terrain (to turn an enemy land into an island)

Add an insane amount of islands (you’ll need 16 for the upkeep alone) and a horde of merfolk then enjoy.

Merfolk. Why’d they kill the race? :frowning:

As for tournaments, there are plenty you could play in. Extended’s coming up in February, and Wizards holds a Vintage tournament at GenCon, and holds 9 a year for power 9 cards.

Probably saw this earlier Cala, but who has seen some of the stupidest cards? Kill yourself! Whee!!

Malicious Advice (X UB) (PlaneShift)

Tap X target artifacts, creatures, and/or lands. You lose X life.

Unless you can re-direct your own spells, which I don’t think you can?


Bah, I know a way to kill yourself turn 2 (turn 1 with a Dark Ritual). Blood Celebrant.

Blood Celebrant (B)
Creature - Cleric
B, pay 1 life: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
1/1 common

As for stupid cards… Spoils of the Vault naming a card you don’t have in your library (reveal and remove from game cards from the top of your library until you get the named card, lose 1 life for each card removed this way).

My favorite kind of cards (besides broken/combo pieces) are library removal (Extract, Traumatize, Scalpelexis, etc.). Jester’s Cap falls under that category.

My favorite cards are the ones that give you infinite combos. Ie. Sliver Queen, Mana Echoes.

Recycle, Aluren has to be my favorite combo, though. I’ve gotten through an 80-card library in 5 turns like that. And it’s hard to win against 70 69/69 forestwalking, untargettable elves, right? Especially when he has over 500 life. ::dekar!::

It’s been so long since I played Magic, that Tempest was still a new expansion when I stopped.

My favorite card is still the Royal Assassin.
Four Royal Assassin+Four Icy Manipulators=pwnage.

Too bad that shit would be hella expensive now. Plus unless they’ve been remade recently, this can’t be used in tournaments, either.

I also liked using spell decks without any creatures. Though sometimes difficult to win with. especially if you get manascrewed.

Both are useable for tournaments, and would be for Extended either way. And they’re both probably a buck apiece.

Icy Manipulator was reprinted in Mirrodin I think, so you could use it in T2 tourneys.

I use nothing but black lotus cards. They cost the most, so having a deck of 60 must mean I’m really good at the game.