MS' new safety programs

As we all know with Windows Vista coming, MS has been trying to make some new programs to add to it, like how its added internet explorer and wmp as integral parts of Windows. Nowadays, we also have a firewall which we can thankfully turn off, but soon, MS will be including new stuff like MS anti-spyware. It doesn’t look like MS has learned its lesson from being brought to court all over the world over its business practices if they’re planning on releasing antivirus software sometime in the future:

claps slowly

Evil I say ! Gates is indeed a rich and evil bastard !

Oh my god i laughed so hard at this. Way to go bill, way to fucking go.

In all fairness Norton is pretty shitty these days :\

Microsoft proves once again that you are never too experienced to screw up monumentally.

Although the comments look interesting, what do our resident experts have to say about the removal and replacement of Norton?

From what I’ve seen floating around, the MS anti spyware prog is pretty good. I’ve seen people say it’s at least on par with spybot and adaware. So really, I’m saying I dont care about this one way or the other :smiley:

Well, to be fair, it IS good, but then, MS bought Giant AS and made it thiers, and that was very good already.

In this case, I can’t blame them for buying in.

That’s nice. Let’s all rejoice in Microsoft’s intelligent decisions, for they are rich and smart.

They’ve said it won’t be included, but freely available on the Internet. They’ve learned from all the lawsuits.

It’s beta software. You’re not supposed to install it in production environments and except it not to break anything.

Actually, they’ve changed their mind again on the Anti-Virus. Windows OneCare (their Anti-Virus software) won’t be included with Vista, but it won’t be free, either. It’ll be a retail Anti-Virus program, just like any other. You can <A HREF=“”>download the beta now to try it out</A>. The beta is only for Windows XP, and I believe only with SP1a or higher installed.

Their Anti-Spyware is pretty good, but I can only imagine that those “1337 h4x0rz” out there will single it out as the one program to work around.

Which is why we have Adaware and Spybot…