Mr. Show season 3...

…is out on dvd now. Well it has been for a few days. I just bought it today and it’s great. Who else here is going to buy season 3 or just likes Mr. Show?

Mr.Show is sweet, I remember when it used to be on tv. There was one episode, where they were talking about the 4 or 5 different parts of the brain, and one of them was this little japanese guy, another an old woman, and one was a big biker. It was hilarious to say the least… Do you know what episode that is, though?

The what show???

Gila: I can’t remember what episode that was. It might be on season 3, but I haven’t had a chance to watch all the episodes on the dvd yet. That was a great episode though.

X2k: Mr. Show was a sketch comedy show on HBO that ran for five seasons. It was written by and starring two comedians named David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.

Haven’t seen it, so I’m just going to quote MegaManX2K.

The what show???

I don’t like comedy sketches very much, mostly because we have too bloody many of them here in Norway.

Not being American, mean I have no idea what “Mr Show” is, but I do like the odd comedy sketch show. I just haven’t seen one I like for quite a while.