Anyone link me to a converter?

I’d be interested in the exact opposite.

Converting avi, or any sort of video format, to mpeg is called mpeg encoding. Look for mpeg encoders. There are a few good free ones I think. For best results, the encoding can take hours on a typical desktop computer. I think that for industry there is mpeg encoder hardware for high quality real-time conversion.

I’m not sure about going from mpeg to avi, but I am sure it is possible. I guess maybe they’d call that mpeg decoding. And then encoding the file with another codec and saving as an avi…

on a similar note, does anyone know anyway to convert xvids into a more common codec (or even vcds)? The anime club down here doesn’t have access to installing new codecs on the machine that’s hooked up to the projector, and most of our unliscensed stuff is in xvid…

Put that on a cd and install it, it’ll take care of all your video codec needs. Unless of course you got shafted and there’s a blocking program installed on the computer.

I repeat, no installs allowed. period. I tried defiler pack and it wouldn’t install. no codecs will install, at all. all it has is what ever crap wmp and windvd may have.