MP3 players?

Currently thinking about getting one in the near future, perhaps one that can play videos and has about 30GB+ of space.

For those of you that have mp3 players, what brand do you have and how has it held up? What brand/model would you recommend?

Awesome site. Thanks, TD.

I have a Creative Zen, and I’m very happy with that. It doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but I like it like that.

I always wanted a creative zen myself :o but too expensive.
random no- name chinese fake brand on my side. With good care and nurturing, they survive quite a few years. I also support the anything but ipod- front. <_< Hate those things.

Fuck the iPod, get the Creative Zen, specifically a vision M (30gb) or vision W (60gb) if you’re feeling particularly flush. I’ve had mine ages and absolutely love it.

Yeah! FUCK IPOD! Those losers and their automatic syncing to their music and video libraries. Who the hell wants that when I can spend hour after meaningful hour dragging and dropping my files onto my MP3 player? Fuckin losers. My microsoft zune gets a totally cool $3.12 / GB, whereas the ipod LOSERS get a measly $2.18 / GB. Everybody knows more expensive GB means more performance per GB. Haha take that ipod FUCKTARDS. DOES YOUR IPOD PLAY OGG FILES!!! I DIDN’T THINK SO YOU FUCKING IPOD FASCISTS. All the girls love .ogg files, man those ipod assmunches are never gonna get laid like me. HAHAHAHAHA fucking dipshit pigfaced micropenis cunt paddies. And the ipod…ugh, it’s just so EASY. I mean, even a retard could use it, and I for one don’t associate myself with retards. See you in HELL ipod dick consumers!!!

My 60 gb Creative Nomad Zen cost $160. The 60 gb iPod didn’t exist, and when it did, it cost $300+. So, for me, this joke falls flat.

Edit: Not to mention that I can transfer files <i>from</i> my mp3 player, access it without the bloated iTunes GUI, auto-sync it (not that I have any interest in doing so), and scroll through songs without rolling my finger in a circle for 30 seconds.

All I hear in this topic is “WHAAAAAAHHH”.

I like my Samsung T-10. It can play videos, store pictures, has bluetooth for wireless headphones or file transfer, games and FM radio.

I only regret not waiting longer so I could get a 4GB for cheaper that I bought the 2GB. I really don’t need 30GB+ of storage space so I don’t care about Zens or anything.

so how’s your gay blue little sony mp3- player thing

That actually looks pretty nice. How much did you pay for yours?

£170, but whilst we’re at it, also fuck the £/$ exchange rate. (For comparison, the equivalent ipod was £10 more expensive)

Traded in for an ipod 2 years ago. You don’t remember? Hell, I even use a macbook these days. I was just as anti-apple as anybody back in the day, until I moved in with my buddy Tom a couple years ago. Every morning, he’d set his computer to automatically wake an hour before he got up, itunes would open, download all of his podcasts automatically. He’d wake up, plug in his ipod, and two minutes later out the door with all his shit ready to get. Meanwhile, I’d be sitting there manually downloading all my shit and popping it onto the mp3 player.

As someone mentioned, the ipod used to be a relatively expensive option, but these days, it’s really not that expensive at all for what you get. 160GB for 350 bucks? Try finding another player that can match that. And if you look hard enough, you can find it for less than that. I dunno…two of my friends and I all bought our ipods over 2 years ago. All of them are still working fine, and I still get over 15 hours of battery life out of mine. Sure, there is something to be said for taste, but there really isn’t any other player that comes close to the ipod these days in terms of price per amount of space and features. But I guess for some people it’s worth the extra money to not be labeled a hipster.

wtf. Last time I checked it was the ipod people paying insane amounts of money and being hipsters (and you saying that also! <_<). And wherever I look they are still more expensive than the ripoffs, mostly with the exact same features. Plus I hate that stupid little scrollwheel- thing and the original interface. As for the long copying times… well how often do you change your entire repertoire? o_O wtf. And a macbook too, now? ew. Tom was a bad influence. go ahead and pop your collar already while you’re at it, why don’t you. :enguard:

I’ve heard too many horror stories of iPod batteries dying quickly, screens getting easily scratched, etc. And yes, the price generally does seem to be higher for iPods than its non-brand-name brethren, especially for the lower-end models without all the fancy video crap I don’t need.

iTunes is nice, but I’ve run into major problems with speed; sometimes a simple search will never return. And of course it doesn’t have everything I want on it and never will, which is why allowing plain old MP3 format gives a lot more flexibility than the iPod-iTunes monopoly consortium.

I’ve had my iPod for over 2 years. And over the past year I’ve been using it 8+ hours a day, so it’s had plenty of usage. it still works great though.

Don’t get a Creative ZEN/Xi-Fi, the SD card integration is shit. The Vision:M series is nice, but it’s heavy as a brick and really you can do better these days. It was the shit when it came out though.

Also you should realize that the super high storage space mp3 players use tiny HDDs, whereas your 2-4-8-16-32 gig things use flash memory, which has no moving parts and is thus less likely to break down when you drop it from a skyscraper like the klutz you are.

I was thinking the same thing.

I got a shitty little 1g ipod nano like 2 years ago and it’s surpassed my expectations in every way imaginable. It looks like it’s been through 2 or 3 wars and it hasn’t even skipped a beat.

30g? You’re retarded. Unless you want your entire library on your portable mp3 player, including all the old shit you’re already tired of and all the supid shit you probably never should’ve downloaded in the first place that you’ll just end up next-track-ing through, you’re going to end up with an unshufflable piece of shit you’re never going to want to use.

And also, MGS sucks.

And one other thing, in all seriousness, video features on mp3 players are novelty at best. Trust me, you’re not going to want to watch episodes of anything on a 2 inch screen. It’s just fucking stupid.

For most people, I’d agree, especially if you rely on a car as your main mode of transportation. If you’re like me, however, and live in a major metropolitan area and use the subway/bus as pretty much your only means of transportation, an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the go can seriously save your ass from a massive case of public transportation boredom death. It’s certainly save my ass more than a few times.