MP3 player comparisons

Does anyone have a list of the different MP3 players out there (nomad, ipod, etc) to compare their specs (capacity, battery life, retardedness of their upload program,etc)? Apple is making me angry.

This is a relatively new site, that aims to do what you want, a simple breakdown of the pros and cons of each item.

I’ve had problems with my iPod for awhile. It locks up a lot, and sometimes it doesn’t get detected by iTunes. I just reset it though and updated it so I hope that will help. My friend says that the Zen Micro is a good buy. Even though it holds less than the iPod, he says it’s still really good. He hasen’t had any problems with it, I don’t know about transfering files to it though. That’s all I can say.

I don’t know if their site is any good though.

also, I’m pretty sure that once you get past the cost, the general consensus is that Apple easily makes the best mp3 players around.

I’ve got a Creative brand Zen MP3 player and I’m quite happy with it.

I was able to get a 60 gb Creative Nomad Zen Jukebox for $240, as opposed to a $450 iPod with 60 gb. Unlike the iPod, it has a user-replaceable battery, and its interface isn’t overcompressed to a little circle. It is significantly bigger, but still pocket-sized.

The ipod is great as long as it works. I’m having lock-up and connectivity issues with my ipod and I’ve grown to hate Apple’s lack of customer support. I also really like the idea of a replaceable battery. Has anyone actually handled both Creative and Apple’s players? Also, has anyone tried out Sony’s? I read that its a good player but that the way you get songs onto it is just fucking horrid and I don’t quite get what’s up.

I’ve never tried Sony’s, but I’ve used a friend’s iPod before and I muchly prefer my Zen.

I don’t have the exact specs of the Zen handy, sorry to say.

I used have two Pen “Drive” MP3/WMA Players from Packard Bell and discoverd that the MP3/WMA player software pen can be dangeros to its own start up order but can be corrected via a Flash Patch, upon error. One had a FM Radio. It takes AAA batteries, BTW. The current upper limt of memory is 1 gig I think…

I recently invested in a SD/MMC memory card MP3 player, Also taking AAA. (I shoulduse all the AAA rechargebles). Since other peices of my hardware also takes SD/MMC cards, it a resonable buy. (I had a MMC Player several years ago). The Biggest card it takes is 526? Mb… It was very cheep as well. Argus recently did one simlar but sold out instanlty since it was advertised on TV and instore. It a more of a Cheep knock off but the only probelem is that it eats AAA, my charger is never off. It also hold the current pokémon Gold/silver Shirne.

Both are in the Low price range… Both can take non Music files for tranporting Files purpuse.

What version of the iPod do ya’ll have? I have the 20 gig one that holds 5,000 songs and it’s worked like a charm for me. It only froze once, but I fixed it by resetting it.

You need upload progs?! I just treat my mp3 player like an usb stick; which is very convenient also because I don’t have one so if I need something for school I just put it on there as well (it doesn’t conflict with the music or anything).
Other than that,,aid,119991,00.asp I guess.

My friend praises the JetAudio iAudio U2 mp3 player, but it’s only 1GB. And the 2GB version, I’ve read, that it doesn’t recognize the last 256 MB or something. Some hardware issues. I was thinking of getting one, but I think I’ll wait until they fix that. Other than that, it seems great in his perspective. Though, only a 1GB… then again… put on songs you will listen to and I guess it won’t be much of a problem unless you really prefer more than 1GB.

Most of the people over here have MP3 players to listen to when working, and it seems iPods like to die in the dust, whereas I think maybe 1 Nomad has died and thats because it was dropped. Other than that, I have yet to hear anybody bitch about any kind of lockups from either player.

A Nomad dropped and died! They were meant to travel, not be dropped! AHAHAHAH… cough :confused:

I’m sorry :frowning:

I have a really old (by mp3 player standards…about 4 years) creative nomad and have always been happy with it. I would definitely stick with creative for my next product. Apple is way overpriced.

Its’ just like a USB stick and SD-MMC card readers. Only 98SE need it, Since it doesn’t have the full software built in