Gone till the 20th, then me, Dark Sand and QPZ4 will be sharing a roof.

There will be a Trinity of shared resources and a single new bot eventually, for those who care.

I smell a location for an RPGCanada meet. >D

You know a site is close when memebers are willing to move into together. I’m sensing the same thing as Kei.

Have fun?

More f-serv leeching? :smiley:

That’s really cool, Z :slight_smile: I hope you’ll have fun together.

Most likely not. I sense a small apartment that costs a whole fucking damn lot if it’s still in Montreal.

Good luck with your plans, Zero. :wave:

Have fun with your new roommates Zero and come back very soon.

No that’ll be my pad. Their pad is a lot bigger than mine, though I wonder if that 'd make any difference.

I’ll hijack Zero’s thread and say I’m moving on the 15th in case ppl wonder where I am.

Nift. :o (Who’s QPZ4? <.<;) starting tomorrow I’ll also be gone til the 5th of august, as good as no net access whatsoever in case anyone cares. :o Have a nice summer guys.

Yeah hopefully the new f-serv will be ready for the 20th. As some of you might know I suffered a massive hard drive failure last month and my PC’s been offline since then. I have the parts to fix it, but I haven’t had the time so far.

I’m also working on a new PC on which we can pool most of our media, but no clue if I’ll have the time to finish it by then.

Ha…I see, curse my suburbian stereotyping of Montreal apartments then.

And nice hijacking Sin, deserves a good 7/10.