Moving on - High Fidelity style

I went to pick up a prescription today, and I bumped into my ex who works at the local pharmacy. They day was slow, we chatted a bit, and she mentioned that she was “kind of engaged” to her boyfriend, the first one she’s had since myself. I imagine the look I gave her must have been pretty priceless. At first I thought she was joking, but she told me about how they had picked out rings and everything. The two haven’t been dating that long, only about a year, although she first met him about two years ago in Europe. I’d like to hypothesize that a major factor in the failing of our relationship was the fact that she was pining over him the whole time we were going out. The first and only time that I met this guy was not all that pleasant. Who would want to hang out with the guy your ex-gf was always comparing you to, the guy you could never live up to?

Somehow the idea of her marrying this guy has made me happy for two reasons. First, it puts the final nail in the relationship coffin while fully crossing over to the friendship, uh… well, not coffin, but you get the idea. :stuck_out_tongue: The worst part about our relationship is that it went on way longer than it was supposed to. I considered our final breakup to be the finishing word on that, but I think I still had some feelings for her for a few months. Gradually the awkwardness has subsided, and this is that point where I realize that it’s gone completely.

Second, I have no reason to feel inadequate anymore. If any of you have seen High Fidelity (a great post-breakup movie if ever there was such a thing), it’s like when the main character goes back to see his first girlfriend, to find out she married the guy that came after him. I totally understand that now. It’s not like she left me for some shmuck… this was her Mr. Right I was up against. No shame in being beaten by the best. I like to think I’m still the better catch, but that’s all a matter of opinion, and I’m certainly much happier having gone through that mess with her and finding a much better catch for myself.

I didn’t think it would easy to be happy for an ex like that. It didn’t even cross my mind that I would feel any other way. I’m just happy, for her, but probably more for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I met any of my ex’s husbands, I’d slit his throat! Well okay, not really, I wouldn’t give a shit. Why do you view it as such a competition? Well, okay, I guess you aren’t viewing it that way anymore, but what’s the point of doing so in the first place? It’s not like you are better or worse than anybody else. There is no Mr. Right. There’s just certain people who are better for each other than other people. You weren’t “beaten” by anyone. Besides, you don’t really have any idea what their relationship is truly like, or whether it will even last. Best to just not think about it or care. Just be happy you aren’t the one getting married.

fanfare music You got 50 exp ^level up^, 100 gil, and a pair of goggles.

X-ray goggles?

I know how you feel, it seems like I’m about to reach that point in my life in a few years [or less] too. Very daunting isn’t it? I wouldn’t really know how to think/react when that happens.


Awww, I know what that feels like. ^^
…wait no, I don’t. I hate that bitch and still want her to die. Damn.