Movie Songs

I’m looking for several songs from some movies, but I don’t know their names/they don’t seem to be on the soundtrack. The songs I’m looking for are the song Dag’s (I belive it’s Dag; he’s the one with 12 kids) love sings before Arthur tells them of their last mission (from the movie King Arthur); the second being the song playing before the salvage ship finds the ghost ship (from Ghost Ship); the third and fourth both being from Gangs of New York - the first is the “My Dear Aggie” song playing when Amsterdam first talks with Bill, the other being the song playing (I believe) when the Scammerhorns are in the Points.

So, to summarize, looking for the following artist/titles if possible:

Dag’s (?) wife’s song from King Arthur
Heavy song playing right before the ship is found from Ghost Ship
“My Dear Aggie” (uknown if that’s the title) from Gangs of New York
Song that plays when the Scammerhorns slum from Gangs of New York


I know this is off topic, but the best movie song is “Weird Science” by Oingo Boingo. Just try to disagree.

tries to disagree aw man, I can’t disagree with that! That song fuckin rules, so does the movie and the show. They should release the Weird Science show on dvd!

Is that the show with the hot computer girl?

You bet it is! Man, that show was so awesome. Every episode had some wacky plot where they got into a predicament and somehow got out of it within 22 minutes. Usually due to the help of their hot computer genie, but sometimes she couldn’t use her magic!

I love movie soundtracks, but I haven’t seen any of those movies. I’m one of those awful review whore that only watches movies if they get a lot of good reviews and those didn’t get many.

Have you tried looking at amazon’s song previews?

There’s the one for King Arthur.

I saw 5 replies and thought I got some help. Thanks asses. :frowning:

I’ve looked at the listing. It’s not any of them.