Mouse randomly shutting off...

My mouse seems to be randomly “disconnecting” from my computer(it connects via a USB). I’ll hear that little “do-ding” sound that accompanies something being connected or disconnected, and it usualy fixes itself after a couple seconds. I’ve never had any problems of this sort before today. What could be up, and how can it be remedied?

It’s an optical mouse, if that matters at all.

Either your mouse is dying, or your usb port is going bad. I’d say the mouse because I had the same problem with my last one. How old is it?

About two years, give or take.

My mouse did the same thing before dying.

From your description, it could be any of the following:

a bad mouse
a bad usb port
a bad usb cable
improper USB voltages
worn connectors on the male usb jack
a faulty male usb jack
a faulty North Bridge on the motherboard
faulty USB drivers in your windows installation
a virus infection in your windows installation

You really should give more information when you need tech support. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure it’s just a dying mouse