Mountain Dew or Crab Juice?

In honor of crab day, I ask an age-old question. What say you?

I’m sorry if this insults them buuuuut, Mountain Dew.

Eww… I’ll take the Crab Juice.

On a side note, Clamato is GOOD. Clams and tomatoes sound like a horrible mix for a drink, but it’s actually very tasty; and spicy, too!

I will also take the crab juice. crab juice good, carbonation bad(unless it’s beer)

you know… i dunno what mountain dew is… and crab juice…
so I’ll just stick with my beer… thanks

Mountain Crab Juice Dew.

Well I don’t like crab juice. Mountain Dew is a litle bit better than crab juice.

Mountain Dew. Yae for carbonated caffeine. It’s what kept my up for a three day trip :3

“Would you like Mountain Dew, or Crab Juice?”
“Eww, I’ll take the crab juice.”

Crab Juice > Dew crap

Yay Mountain Dew! It makes me happy! I got unlimited Mountain Dew at work as long as I brought my own cup! I must have drank (drunk?) over 200 dollars worth of the stuff this summer alone. :slight_smile:

mountain dew

I think mountain dew is better.