Mountain Dew or Crab Juice?

Well? :enguard:

What the hell is Crab Juice?

Fuck all that shit, gimme a root beer or a dr. pepper.

Whatever crab juice is, it can’t be better than MD. nodnod

What? This doesn’t even make any damned sense.

It’s a simpsons reference. And ever since Super Ade, I have been addicted to MD.

Cream soda.

Damn straight.

Caffeine over other things anytime. Mountain Dew ^^

It is from The Simpsons when they go to New York. Homer gets hugnry and thirty while waiting for the officer to get to hsi car, so he stops at a stand near by and all he sells for drinks is Mountain Dew and crab juice. So Homer says, “Eh! Ah, I’ll have the crab juice.” I’d have to go Mountain Dew though out of the two.

I’m gonna say “Do the Dew”, but I’ll take a beer over a Mountain Dew any day.

Ramune. :enguard:

Mountain Dew~~ But I heard drinking MD reduces ur sperm count…brgggh… ::dekar!::

Neither… just give me some Powerade and some Starburst, and I’ll be happy.

kewl kewl. time to drink mountain dew again~

Mountain Dew.

I got my crabs at dirty dicks ;.;

… I’ll take the Crab Juice >>;


Cream soda.

But since it’s not there, and I have to pick one…and since Snopes didn’t fully clear me up…Crap Juice. Besides, it’s far too unbalanced right now.

Crab water and ghalkalesh.

Been a while since I’ve heard this line. Truthfully, I really do hate MD, and I’ve never had crab juice, who knows, maybe it’s good (and maybe pigs can fly). Besides, I don’t drink caffeine, so crab juice all the way.