And this is also cool, but not entirely related:

Well, that’s…great, I guess.

I played the first three Ys before, and they were pretty good as far as older RPGs go. But at the same time, it’s highly unlikely this one’s going to make the jump. The series is practically unknown outside of very tight RPG circles, making marketing it all that much harder. I mean, the first two were released on a console nobody owned (and only just recently re-released on the VC), and the third game was only available in a stripped-down Super Nintendo port.

Still would be nice if it made it over, though.

I feel compelled to to add this…

Also this…

Guess I was wrong, then. There’s a chance it just might make it over.

I’ve played part of Ys 3. Fun, if simple, game.

I’ve played the PC version they’re porting to PSP. If they keep the music as it was , it will be incredible.

I first heard of this series way back when by rifliling through RPGCs shrine list. I’ve never heard anybody talk about it (until recently in the Lufia thread) until now.

Should I be excited?

If you have a PSP, and you like top down zelda style hack and slash, yes. The Ys games are hardcore. They really ramp up the difficulty (though to address that, there is a wide range of available difficulty levels).

Shame I already played all of them on pc and the odds of this getting translated seem pretty slim, given that none of the other ps2 Ys games got US releases. Then again, if we’re very lucky, next year will have a lot of Falcom stuff coming our way, including the recently released Ys Seven and what looks like a remake of Ys 1 and 2 in the Ark of Napishtim/Oath in Felghana engine.

That’s only relevant if they port Suikoden I and II to NA.

Too bad Falcom has nothing to do with the Suikoden series (which is Konami btw). Also Suikoden 1 can be found on the PSN for like 10 PlayStation bucks (or whatever form of currency they’re currently using).

I’m just saying, as far as bringing Jap ports to US.

And I don’t have a PS3 (or a PSP, but still…) And goddammit, I want Suikoden II.

I’ve got at least dozen or so games I’m waiting to be localized (7th Dragon, Growlanser, SRW OGs, SRW OGG, Game Center CX2, Dragon Shadow Skill, A.S.H., Mother 3, Soma Bringer, and so on…) but Suikoden I + II ain’t one of them.

If you want to play Suikoden 2, hop onto bit torrent, download it and get epsxe. Do it today and you might have it started on Saturday morning.

Still not quite set in stone, but it will be glorious if it does happen.

I’d like to have the PSP Ys I and II, and I wish Atlus chose to localize that instead of the terrible DS ports.

I played the original Ys III back in the day, didn’t think it was too bad actually… but this looks much better :moogle:

A bit of a necropost, but xseed is bringing over Oath in Felghana, Ys SEVEN and Ys 1 and 2 Chronicles. Tis a good year to like you some Falcom games.

Man, I completely forgot about this thread.

But yeah, I’m actually looking at getting this when it comes out.

Also we may even have a chance at the Sora no Kiseki trilogy as well as both Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki and the newly announced Zero no Kiseki.