Mother nature is messed up O.o

Picture the following : Very sunny, bright, virtually no clouds in the sky. Now, imagine freezing winds, from the past winter. Not just some breeze, I’m talking about strong winds. When I had to walk my dog last night, even with my winter coat, I was still feeling uncomfortable…

Do any of you have this kind of messed-up weather ?

I mean, it’s freakin’ May, freezing winds shouldn’t be occuring at all O.o

That’s weirder than the weather we had over here last week. It’d be sunny for a bit, then it would either start raining or HAILING for 15 minutes, then stop completely, only to begin again a few hours later for another 15 minutes. O_o

Yeah, that’s been happening here too, DG
Today it’s actually freaking GREAT out. I love the weather today :slight_smile:

Blame it on global warming.

It started to rain on a sunny day once, so I kept looking up trying to see just where was all the water coming from but all I saw were small bits of white on a clear blue sky.

Maybe someone turned their sprinkler on?

Anyway, my friend in Calgary woke up early to snow, then went back to bed and woke up to see it all gone and sunny outside.

I’m told it’s common in Calgary.

The wether here is odd as well, its very very warm for may, like 80’s 90’s

Ususally its about like, 60 in may here. <<

Dude, that’s like every day in Texas. It’ll be 110 degrees outside (farenheit, of course) then it’ll suddenly start hailing. It’ll only last about 20 minutes, though. Then it gets hot again. Then there’ll be a tornado or something. Then back to hot. These kinds of things happen every day.

But is it normal for him?

Oh yeah? In my town it rains frogs and human hands grow from the ground like flowers. So there.

Pfft. Human hand weeds. That’s nothin— I mean, WHAT? WTF?

Welcome to spring!

Spring? Welcome to Threed.

I agree. I think this is all part of some major cycle, where the earth is setting itself up for another ice age. I’m sure there’s some official theories that claim this.

I think its going to explode- BOOM!

Same here.

Actually, we’re technically still in an ice-age. Think eye of the storm type thing. A really LONG eye of the storm.
But yeah. It’s colder here than it has being at this time of the year ever. I think.

hey, Queen sings about mother nature in there its a miracle song. Yes, i am addicted.

All the time. It’s ordinary in Norway.

Well, with a crazy woman like Eris running the Multiverse, what else can you expect but Chaos?