Most Underrated Final Fantasy!

Ok, I’m not sure if this has been done before, I came out with this when I was playing FF VIII, (That FF is the most UNDERRATED FF ever! FF IX and FF IV, are underrated as well…).

Which is the most underrated for you?

(I’m leaving FF VII out, for OBVIOUS reasons)

Something tells me FF7 would’ve still gotten about 104% of the votes.

Yea, even though FF7 is the most overrated game ever.

I’d probably say that FF8 is the most underrated FF.

I’ll have to go with #8, it’s an awesome game, just contantly living in 7’s shadow :expressionless:

I gotta agree with sorc and neb. FF8 was a great game, often overlooked.


FF 5

FF5. Galuf Died, and nobody I know seems to ever mention this. However, when Aeris dies, its all over the place, in every magazine, conversation and spoiler! And yet Aeris returns in Tactics.

FFV it came out between 4 and 6, and was overlooked until recent years…

I’d also have to go with FF8, it was rather underrated, by many.

Mystic Quest. No, I’m not being sarcastic.

I would have to say either Tactics or Mystic Quest for this one. A lot of people think that, just because the words Final Fantasy is in the title, that it MUST be like the other FFs. People start playing MQ and Tactics, and when they see it bears no resemblance to FFs 1-10, they just leave it alone and make ignorant judgements. Sure, I thought the same thing when playing Mystic Quest at first, but I eventually learned to like it.

FF8. Definately.

Though I also love Tactics.

I’d have to say Tactics. Way too many people played that game for half an hour, and then dismissed it as shit.


FF-8. Overall a good game. It has it’s flaws, but it’s still a good FF.To many people try to compare it with FF7 and FF6.:noway:

In order:

VII is [i][u]SERIOUSLY[/i][/u] over-rated (I liked VIII alot more), and VI is just slightly over-rated.

Tactics. It rocked so much and yet people dismiss it as crap because it’s not a traditional FF.

Mystic Quest, Rune? Hmmmm… don’t know, it’s sort of the great black sheep of the Final Fantasy.


I think tatics is also seriously overrated. That’s like, my least favorite game ever, yet people go on and on and on about how it’s the greatest thing since porn.