Most fragile console?

My laptop. It died whenever the power level dropped below 40%.

In my experience, the most durable console I’ve owned has either been the original gameboy, or my GBA. both have been dropped severa times, yet suffered no ill effects. Most fragile, possibly my ps2, which once dropped and broke the memory card and controller in the process, though the ps2 was reletively okay, though had those two not broken the fall i would’ve guessed it would have broke. I had many hours on that memory card, and it was literally snapped in two. but i haven’t owned many consoles. Though i guess out of the ps2, gc, and xbox, the fragilt probably has to do with weight and size. the gc should be most durable as it is lighter and in a square shape to even out the force of impact more. i could imagine an xbox breaking to pieces if dropped.

I’ve heard horror stories about that. I want to get a Used 1st generation while I still can. Cause even though it’s a piece of shit, at least it doesn’t overheat after 5 hours like the new one

Uh, was calling him a moron really necessary?

Yes because just like in the Chat we don’t accept people maliciously telling others how to format their HDs, it is extremely irresponsible to advocate something like voiding your warranty on something as expensive as a PS2 with the exact purpose of having the other person screw himself.

X-Play did that except for them it was PS2, Xbox then Gamecube.

Again, it’s because they get dirty, and the NES is extremely sensitive to dirt. A good cleaning generally does the trick.

Well, then myself and just about everyone I knew had the wrong idea when we were little kids, cause we would always blow into the cartridge whenever the game messed up…

that’s what my dad tells me to do.

Are you fucking kidding me? My cousin threw my NES out of my house and on to a cement sidewalk, and the damn thing STILL played games after that. Try that shit with any of these new fangled systems. Yeah, YOU CAN’T.

I agree, the NES has to take most durable, unless you include those massive stand-ups as a console.

For the least fragile, I would say a Mac, if computers are included, or, if not, the Xbox. My cousin has now been through three, since getting one when they came out.

My playstation, on a side note, was purchased jointly through various pre-adolescent males in my family when it came out, and still works just fine today, the only problem being once, two years back, when my brilliant uncle decided to fix it when it wouldn’t play a (they didn’t know this at the time, I did, but nobody fucking listens to me when they should [although they always do when I say something moronic]) broken FFVII disk. The laser eye was replaced at a cost of about twenty bucks, and it’s been fine otherwise.

SNES. One of the plugs in the back broke somehow, which makes me cry since SNES was the last console that had games I enjoyed playing more than once. =(


Why didn’t you go buy a new one for, shit, I dunno, six bucks, last time I was at my local used gaming store.

Because, shit, I haven’t seen one in 3 years. =)


Don’t you mean most fragile. If your cousin has destrtoyed three then that’s pretty weak.

I’m keeping my consoles the heck away from you people. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the most durable one has to be the NES…mine’s a billion years old and it still works fine.
The newer systems (apart from the hand-helds) are a lot more touchy because they weren’t built to withstand nuclear fallout like the old cartridge-based systems.

But… but… the X-BOX can stop fucking BULLETS. You can’t get much more resilence out of a console!

What station? G4? I watched something sorta like that on X-Play, but the PS2 broke first instesd of the X-Box.

Now from what has happened to me…

My Nintendo 64 lasted about 7 years, but my brother screwed it somehow, so I’m going to go bye it again. I found it pretty durable.

I don’t really know about the PS2, it has broken once, but that was due to my brother throwing it don the stairs.

I suggest to you keep everything away from your brother.

Yeah… I do mean most fragile…

The X-box may be structurally resolute, but the wiring and shit just fucking stops sometimes, for no reason.

The first edition psx or second addition ps1? I’ve never had any bad luck with any consoles every one that I’ve bought still works. My NES was bought like 2 months after they came out and it still works. My PSX has been through a hard time , I threw it across the room and it hit my wall hard enough to put a hole in it.