Specifically this is a topic on Eminem’s new video/song. Now, normally I just don’t like Eminem, his style really rubs me the wrong way more often than not, though I can see how others find it appealing. But one of his newest works warrented my attention.

Mosh is a very anti-Bush song, and considering the language and rhetoric he uses, in a video so close to election day, he proves that he has guts. Most of his messages in the song itself seem directly lifted from Fahrenheit 9/11, and are thus going to be immdeiately disregarded by a lot of Republicans, but the overall feeling of anger towards the President is still prevelant, and it is worth looking at. If you’re an avid Bush supporter, then you probably won’t like it, but take a look anyway, and at the very least keep an open mind. Sides, I never thought the day would come when I’d ever agree with one of Eminem’s videos.

I found the video through a link at where the author there is in the same situation as myself.

I’m one of those who find Eminem’s songs appealing (Maybe it’s just the nice change from the usual “Let’s partay with the hoe’s!” rap songs that seem to have taken over the genre).

It’s not really a surprising thing, after all, what else can you expect from Eminem but angry criticism? Although I do admit the song is quite good.

I’m having troubles seeing videos right now so I searched for the MP3, and I wanted to ask you a question. When he says “Come along/follow me/as I lead trough the darkness/as I provide just enough spark/that we need/carry on/etc” he is referring to Bush’s crusade-style procedures?

I’d say he’s cynically using them to express his own message, which is basically a metaphor to tell everyone to crusade to the polls and go vote. That’s pretty much what the whole song is about, getting people to vote.