Moses died today

Can we now pry that rifle from him?

I was waiting for someone to make that remark. 8p
Seriously, Heston was a shell of a man for the last decade or so. It’s a shame, but he was ready to move on.

I’m anti-gun, so I never liked the NRA part of him, but otherwise I found Heston an OK guy.

And a hell of an actor.

My favorite role of his was not Moses or Ben Hur, but rather, El Cid. (No, that’s not a joke, Cidolfas.) :wink:

May he rest in peace.

It’s been done.

Oh well, apparently he died peacefully, so…y’know…that’s always cool.

Damn! They even covered the ‘If I make a humorous comment ‘bout this I’m a goin’ straight to hell’ joke.

Which means…

You better get your stinkin’ paws of his gun. You Damn Dirty Hippie!!

Too bad; with (Orthodox) Easter coming, we’ll get more Heston on tv than we bargained for. I could do without his gun politics, but I concur with Wil about El Cid.

As a side note, Heston in Greek sounds conspicuously close to “Fuck him” or literally “Shit on him”. His surname will be immortal here.

Yep…another formerly-great-actor-turned-total-lunatic has bit the dust. And now we’ll have to endure all-day marathons of his entire freaking library of work. And I’ll have to listen to the old folks at work act like this is a total fucking tragedy.

Sorry if I sound insulting, but as good an actor as he was, I can’t stand him as a human being. So…goodbye, Charlie.

Um? Guys? He supported the NRA. He supported the right to own a gun. He didn’t support killing anyone. Let’s step back a moment and regroup thoughts a bit. For instance, not limiting our knowledge of his life to his relation with the NRA.

For instance, this is one of the guys that actually walked with MLK during one of his marches back when it wasn’t “cool” to do so. Actually, the 45th anniversary of his death was just Friday, so I gues Heston died close to that.

Point is, basing your views of someone on a singular act or portion of their life is a bit nonsensical and more than unfair.

People have a tendency to base their thoughts of a person on their most recent actions, not their most important ones. I doubt anyone nowadays would think of Jerry Maguire or A Few Good Men when the words “Tom Cruise” come up.

Not only their most recent actions, but realize that most of us have only been alive for his latter years.

I’ve only been around for his latter years as well, but I don’t see how that’s a good excuse to say that “you can’t stand him as a human being” and not observe his past actions. Whether I disagree with him or not, it’s ludicrous to take his life out of context because you don’t agree with him and then call him a “total lunatic.”

His movies are icons from my childhood. But I never got his later NRA thing… I guess the less you know about actors, the better.

I have to note that I finally got tired of Chuck Norris after discovering that he’s a Creationist Christian. :wink:

That said, that seems to be a sort of … ignorance-is-bliss attitude. On the other hand, these are actors we’re talking about, it’s not like it’s some big-huge political issue.