Mortal Peep Fight!!

This was just to weird to pass up.

At least they are keeping themselves busy.

Bah, that’s nothing! I once staged an entire Desert Warfare battle using Peeps! It was fun filling up that tub with sand and strategically placing Peeps to do battle with each other, while a team of Marshmallow Bunny Medics waited off to tend to the wounded with emergency sugar infusions.

…I was really bored that summer.

u people are strangestarts walkng away slowly

Pfah, waste of Peeps!

The microwave is a great place to create truly delicious and horrifying visions of carnage.

Ahh…the times I had, making little chocolate and marshmallow bunnies melt to their doom.

I told my 5-year old cousin the happy little foodstuffs were having a tea party in there, I turned it on high for 3 minutes, and I traumatized him for life.

the aftermath tasted damn good too.

We know, and we’re proud!

THis is nothing compared to shit we’ve done in the past.