Mortal Kombat Deception thread

(Note: this article is swarming in bias. Read at your own risk.)

Oh. My. Fucking. God. This game RULES!

The game’s almost exactly like Deadly Alliance, but has a few nice twists to it. The actual fighting feels much smoother this time around. The new arenas are just great, and the death trap system works perfectly (a round didn’t end in five seconds, like I had feared).

The Puzzle Kombat mode, although a complete ripoff of a Capcom game that shall remain nameless, works somewhat well, although it takes FAR too long to finish a round. Chess Kombat is a nice mix of Archon and MK, and also comes off as a success.

The only low point is Konquest mode, which is even worse in this game than DA. The story there is set before the first MK, and follows the life of Shujinko (or however it’s spelled), a warrior-in-training sent by the Elder Gods to find some missing artifacts in the other realms. The actual plot isn’t horrible, but three things drag this down:

  1. The voice acting here is, without a doubt, the worst in video game history. If they were trying to go for a corny, kung-fu feel, they shot right past even THAT level of badness and into a realm of audio evil that only Capcom has dared to dwell in.

  2. The whole damn mode’s required to unlock the important stuff, like characters and arenas. Too bad this leads right into my next point:

  3. It is simply BORING. There are virtually no fights, the environments have no sense of variety, the graphics are a hundred times worse than the ones that are in the actual game (which are pretty damn impressive, if you ask me), and the whole this is STILL a glorified training mode!

The Krypt is also back, but like I mentioned previously all the important stuff requires you to complete Konquest. In the aformentioned mode, you can find keys hidden around, which allow you to unlock specific tombs. Once you find the key, you can simply head to the Krypt and obtain whatever you unlocked. The rest of the tombs are still opened via Koins, which you recieve in almost all of the modes, and consist of the usual production art, promos, videos (no follow-up to “Cooking with Scorpion,” sadly), jokes, bios, photos, etc.

The Collectior’s edition (wow, they really CAN use a “C”!) also has a second disc, with some more inside info on MK, along with their insanely biased timeline (the day MK4 is heraled as the pinnacle of 3D is the day the world ends), some interviews, and an arcade-perfect version of MK1, just so you can remember the days when mom didn’t bother to check was games you were playing. I have the regular version, but if these are all the features on the extra disc, then it’s not worth the extra $20.

This is a great game. It kicks the crap out of virtually all the other fighters on either the PS2 or XBox. You will play now! NOW!

My cousin got the game earlier this week, and we spent the better part of the day playing it. He’s better at fighting than me, but damned if I can’t kick seven shades of shit out of him in Puzzle Kombat. :smiley:
Innovative, this game is not. It’s basicaly taken what made Deadly Aliance good and done exactly that, exept moreso. It’s nice to see some old faces back again (Kabal ownz j00), and some of the new ones are cool too. I especialy like new girl Ashrha.
All in all, a game worth having. ESPECIALY if you can get a near-equal trade in with Deadly Aliance.

In konclusion, Bo’ Rai Cho is still the man. Thank you.

Is now on my “to get” list.

Man, I just spent the last 5 hours straight playing Deception… I lost a night’s worth of sleep over this game! XD

Ah, yes, Mortal Kombat : Deception, the only game with the gall to cover up a sub-par fighting system with so much options which barely have anything to do with the game (except that you can gain Koins) instead of working on their freaking system.

Yes, I hated DA. I hated 4, I hated 3, and I EVEN hated 2, which is often considered to be the pinnacle of the series.

I played it, and its cool since its Mortal Kombat. I’ve actualy liked all of them (yes even three, despite the addition of a LA Patrolman)

Let me ask you THIS…did you like Trilogy? :mwahaha:

Is Johnny Cage in this Mortal Kombat?

The thread is already dead, but…

No. He’s dead. And so are almost everyone else from DA.

Actually, he’s not dead this time. One of the stages is a prison, and you can see Cage - along with several other absentees, including Kitana - in one of the cells.

And even so, if there’s on constant in the MK series, it’s this: No-one ever stays dead.

heh, no

like highlander 2: the quickening, i dont’ consider that apart of the series

Good man. Six Sub-Zero recolors is five too many for me. One of the things I liked about Deadly Aliance was how they took steps to further differentiate Sub-Zero and Scorpion. With the new looks for Ermac and Noob, you’d never be able to relate them with Sub-Zero in the least bit if this was the only game you’ve played.

Yeah, until you get Noob-Smoke’s ending. :hint:

Which I havn’t yet. :slight_smile:

I’ll say this about they’re ending, I seriously did NOT see it coming. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just before the thread dies, a few more loose ends.

I take back my comments about the death traps; I found one arena that really bugged me. It’s the Falling Cliff one (where the arena starts collapsing as the fight drags on). I had my ass kicked in the first round, and landed at the edge of the arena. The round starts…and the game takes that exact moment to drop the ledge. Needless to say, I was pissed. That’s the only one I’ve found so far.

And I was cruelly reminded of how uncivilized Gamefaqs is. The very day this game came out, everyone crawled out of the woodwork to say how much it sucked, despite the fact that the game was a day late in most places, and several days late if you worked through Blockbuster; hence, only a handful of the complainers could have actually played it. Besides, if MK sucks so goddamn much, why did you bother buying MKD? Nobody claimed it was going to be completely different from MKDA anyway.

There. I feel much better.

yeah the gamefaqs forums are really horrible. The scum of the internet seem to post there

Just because you bought something, and then were heavily disappointed in your purchase, you can’t complain?

Sheesh, what happened to customer feedback?

There is no freedom of speech unless I agree with you. >:( I’m still pondering whether or not I’ll get this game. Probably not seeing as how I no longer have a PS2. x.x;; Gave it to my brother as a gift for college

Just saw Noob’s ending.

Just have to say…whoa. Whatever I was expecting, it sure as hell was not that. :smiley: