It have any spyware or any other viruses like Kazaa?

The older versions didn’t, but I was at least pretty sure that Morpheus had died a long time ago =O

Oh…well damn. THere any other file sharing programs? I tried WinMX, but it was just…bleh.

Get kaaza lite then remove its spywear with spybot.

Um, I’m on my friend’s comp (he’
s got cable! :D) and his trust for anything with the name kazaa is zero. Maybe we can “persuade” him. Does it have any viruses like Kazaa’s or any thing? And, I don’t think he has a spybot.

Kazaalite is basically Kazaa with about 1% of the spyware and such of regular Kazaa. Also, Spybot is something that gets rid of spyware, its full title is Spybot Search and Destroy.

Gyah. He said no…
Any other file sharing programs?

try Soul Seek. You can’t search for a specific file type so a lot of search results are incredibly broad, buty it works well.

Soul Seek didn’t work out…
Damn this guy’s way too picky :stuck_out_tongue:

Screw it then, if he’s worried about spywear and viruses he shouldn’t be file sharing.

Heh. Any idea on how the hell I’m supposed to dl 4 eps of Naruto then?

Make new friends, get a better connection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do it while your friend isn’t paying attention. Unless he’s looming over you watching the monitor…

DC++. Allows you to get to many hubs that to get anime from. Only problem is, you gotta share your own stuff aswell, and some might require HIGH amounts of share (Then again, those are GOOD hubs)

1 word: Any GNUtella client (which Morpheus just so happens to be). You can find lots of good ones here:

Um…I have Kazaa and I keep hearing stuff about this spyware…what is it? hides

DC++ is the best file-sharing program for anime. Problem is, you usually have to share anywhere from 5 GBs to 30GBs of data to get onto the major hubs.

Heh. Unfortunately I’m home now, so I’ll have to go back to waiting 9+ hours for it.

I do believe that Morpheus downloads Gater onto your computer.