More Wal-Mart goodness. Now with extra ancient Mexican ruins!

I find it particularly amusing that a ruin discovered ON the Wal-Mart will be encased in Plexiglas in the parking lot. Silly gringos.

But a handful of opponents say Wal-Mart will kill local family-owned enterprises and erode a lifestyle dating back centuries, while sucking income from locals.

No shit Sherlock, how did you figure that out? Just because it did the exact same thing world-wide?

Heh, my college is built on an indian burial ground

This also reminds me that there is a taco bell across the street from the Alamo

Wow. All sorts of shit is happening at Wal-Mart these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Plans call for preserving the small structure under plexiglass in what will be the store’s parking lot.

Does this mean you can pray for a good parking spot? Or that your car doesn’t get dinged today?

“What they are doing in Teotihuacan is destroying Mexico’s deepest roots for short-term interests like lower prices,” local teacher Emanuel D’Herrera told about a dozen protesters outside Teotihuacan’s town hall. “This is the flag of conquest by global interests, the symbol of the destruction of our culture.”

And nobody should know more about gringo conquest than them. It’s both sad and ironic.

They’re destroying a culture that has already being destroyed. The bastards!

Yeah, they dug up an Indian mound to create a crappy gym for my high school.

I’m just wondering what treasures will be next. Maybe they can get rid of that Statue of Liberty and put in a McDonald’s.

Wal-Mart goes museum?

a walmart museum where they sell ancient aztec artifacts for extra low prices.

I personally am disgusted by what Wal-Mart is doing to MY local heritage. Here in Suthern Illinois (For those who dont know what that means, its the part near Kentucky) Wal-Mart has not only become the most trafficked bus stop off Campus, but in nearby towns, they sell alcohol! They are attempting to crush our local drinking culture under the oppressive might of a mega-corporation. Soon, there will be “Sam’s Choice” Voodka in the tashcans and “Super-Value” Gin bottles dumped in the lake! Its not long before my culture is lost to the Evil Empire.

And you are acting upset just because Wal-Mart is going to display an atrifact that is at least 14 times older than it in a plexiglass box, out in the middle of a parking lot.

Geeze. priorities people, priorities.

He drives 10 minutes every two weeks to shop at a Wal-Mart store in another town to find low prices.

There’s a Wal-mart just 10 minutes away, and they make another. A person can’t go ten minutes without running into one these days.

10… minutes…


10 minutes to the next town? Yeesh that’s close. My school is further than that from my house.
Figure they would appreciate a Walmart, everything being at a pretty low price and all.

That’s the point, it completly kills any local business.

Does it have a cuuuuurse? By the way, how come Walmart is being so unormal? It’s gonna end up on some crap show like The X-Files.

Yeah, the second I saw that “10 minutes away” crap, I officially gave up on humanity in general. Now I see why Julia boycotts Wal-Mart.

That’s disgusting, but I guess the spread of capitalism can’t be stopped.

Wow, I have to drive 10 minutes in the same town to get to WalMart. That guy is not allowed to bitch.

Don’t badmouth the X-Files. Seriously. They kicked ass. For the fist few series anyway. Then, it was only pretty good. And anyway, that show is sooo finished. What? It is.